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The poison that lives in your brain 3 years

Мозг, гормоны, возможности

The brain is the central part of the nervous system of animals and humans, usually located in the head (front) part of the body and is a compact accumulation of nerve cells and their processes. Many animals also contain glial cells, can be surrounded by a sheath of connective tissue. In vertebrates (including humans), the brain is located in the cavity of the skull, and the dorsal, located in the vertebral canal.

Working as managers, hiring and firing people, teaching teams and leaders, this question has not haunted us for five years. While in February this year, at the conference in San Diego, the picture did not work out completely. Do not be afraid of the text - in the beginning there will be scientific words, but they will lead us to unexpected conclusions.

Why do some people do something, and others constantly did not give something, did not provide, did not offer? Why do people around the same people and the right people, and around the world generally resembles the field of rakes and ghouls-ghouls? Well, how so? © Kate McDowell

And now, hello, and let's understand ...

Our brain is controlled by hormones. That is, he takes or does not make decisions under the management of several hormones. These hormones have a very different effect on the duration of our behavior and decisions.

A short educational program and an explanation with what we will work. What hormones affect us and how much time they live in our heads.

Chemistry of the brain:

  1. Dopamine (dopamine)
  2. Oxytocin
  3. Serotonin
  4. Endorphin
  5. Cortisol (cortisol)

Before we go into this chemistry, let's take a look at why we generally say that chemistry controls the brain. It would seem that a reasonable person, free will, everything?

We choose a model that is sufficient by abstraction for this analysis. The anatomical model (all these cerebellum with callosities) for this simplified analysis is too burdensome, let's take a simpler, more modular or level model. The model of the triune brain of McNeil, with a fairly general consideration, we are quite satisfied here.

Inside the brain, in fact, is the THREE brain

  • Human or human brain (neocortex).
  • Mammal or emotional / limbic brain.
  • Reptile or reptilian, the oldest brain (the survival instincts).

For example, let's see who is lucky with the brain:

  • Snakes do not think, they just react, act, reproduce, almost do not feel pain.
  • Dogs feel the desire, they know how to want, they feel the status, they feel the union, they are companions, they feel pain, disappointment.
  • Monkeys or people should have logic, they can count and read, speak, keep balance, listen and make music.

The first chemical troubles

> 95% of all decisions occur in the reptilian and limbic brain.

And we address ourselves in our speeches, letters and presentations to the human brain, which is very well learned and knows how to say NO. It just keeps us from changing. Think about it - your brain prevents you from changing ... that is, it thinks that it protects you from changes. And the more you have the brain, the more experience it has, the worse for you. Smart people know how to defend themselves. From everything.

What events or situation cause (that is, become triggers) of certain hormones?

Dopamine Triggers

Situations in which we expect something pleasant or unknown, but with the expected positive resolution.

Exposure time: 2 minutes.

Oxytocin triggers

Feeling of security, unity, love, birth of a child. 6 minutes for everything about everything, and then you must again think something or reinforce it.

By the way, many smokers do not sit on nicotine, but on oxytocin. That is, they get used not to nicotine, but to the social environment of smokers - to talk, to take a break.

Serotonin Triggers

Excellence, status enhancement, victory, recognition and recognition.

The whole 24 hours of this wonderful parish. Day for the winner. Day to plunder the city.

Endorphin Triggers

A little less, for about 4 hours, we are basking in this pleasure understanding that you are just alive, exist and in general there is!

Let's explain. There are many examples.

  1. If at first it was painful, and then on the wave of adrenaline released.
  2. Sincere laughter, tears or fury - just for reference, all in one line on the strength of the impact.
  3. Muscle pleasure: massage, for example.
  4. Bright sounds, music, rhythm (wait, wait, this is a club?)
  5. Recollecting everything listed above can also work.

Triggers of cortisol (or cortisol)

  1. Separation of mother and child.
  2. Divorce or betrayal of a spouse.
  3. Loss of status after dismissal.
  4. Social isolation (silence).
  5. When you were deceived.
  6. Feeling of the transferred harm, loss, fears.

Is there any idea how much such a thing can live? 3 years. THREE $% ^! of the year.

Hello evolution and all the pains and disappointments experienced by our ancestors: do not go there - bite, do not climb here - you will fall, always eat green fruits - here and chew, you will not get poisoned. The brain is very susceptible to cortisol, because it helped us to survive as a biological species. We do not run very fast, we do not fly very cool, but we survived. Cortisol and the brain, tightly sat on it. So it was necessary.

Think about it. Cortisol lives in us for 3 years. And it makes your brain braking. Makes your brain save you. Punished? Do not bother. You fired? Do not stick your head out. The brain learns very quickly.

We do not believe. We do not believe in ourselves, because cortisol is already in our brain.

We are taught by cortisol that we will not succeed.

Wait, but do some get it?

Business, career, interesting work, business trips. How is that? Cortisol was not enough for them when they were distributed to everyone, or what?

The brain is learning. Both bad and good

Some are taught to be nobody and sit stuck opinions in the ass. And others are taught to get up, go and do.

News and the whole flow of negativity from the TV are taught to be helpless. Because it's bad there, something happened, and you can not do anything here. The brain remembers - do not turn on if something bad happens. We already did not turn on many times (watching TV), and nothing bad happened. So you need not react. Pass by. Learned helplessness. Because thinking and active people, from the point of view of a large system of people management, are not needed. Teach them to be helpless.

But you can teach your brain to think differently. Creating a sequence of decisions, actions and rewards. Bringing up the habit of doing something in the brain. He is also an excellent student.

I thought to share this with you or not, but since we are here with you about the intimate, about hormones, then all right.

I have weak joints and excess weight. A great combination, so that hands and feet often play football or basketball.

I tried not to sit on the bench after I tucked my leg, but went on without stopping. And my leg was not swollen. Apparently at this point the flow of blood has improved, I do not know. I learned to go forward, simply because I do not like to fall out for a few days and not be able to reach the toilet. I retrained. This does not mean that it does not hurt. Guys, I weigh more than 120 kg. Walking on the leg, which turned up - it hurts, believe me. I'm just going. I swear, sometimes with foul language, but I'm going. Because I taught myself.

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