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Stroke, bleeding, coma: what drugs are dangerous to interfere with alcohol

Инсульт, кровотечения, кома: какие лекарства опасно мешать с алкоголем

Drug, drug, medicine, drug (novolat. Praeparatum medicinale, praeparatum pharmaceuticum, medicamentum; jarg. Therapeutic agent) - a substance or mixture of substances of synthetic or natural origin in the form of a dosage form (tablets, capsules, solutions, ointment, etc.) .) used for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Before use in medical practice, medicinal products must undergo clinical studies and obtain permission for use.

Tablets (lat. Tabulettae) is a solid dosage form obtained by pressing powders and granules containing one or more medicinal substances with or without the addition of auxiliary substances or obtained by molding special masses. Among the tablets are distinguished: uncoated, effervescent, coated, gastro-resistant, modified release, for use in the oral cavity. For a long time, drugs were made and taken mainly in the form of powders or drops, until in 1880, William Upjohn did not learn how to make drugs in the form of tablets. Four years later, he created a drug tabletting machine, and in 1886 founded the Upjohn Pill and Granule Company, which existed for more than a century. The tablet form as compared with granules, powders and drops allows to simplify the dosing, improve the dosing accuracy.

“I don’t drink, I’m on pills” - we often hear from some friends at a party. We all know that alcohol should not be mixed with antibiotics, but why? Unfortunately, even those who take serious drugs, sometimes break the rules, and with the phrase: "Take, God, with medicine" overturn a pile or two.

The editors of prepared a guide on groups of drugs and possible consequences if mixed with alcohol.


Инсульт, кровотечения, кома: какие лекарства опасно мешать с алкоголем

Used to treat diseases caused by bacterial infection.

Preparations: Azithromycin, Augmentin, Erythromycin, Cefazolin and others.


Some antibiotics block the breakdown of alcohol, which is accompanied by chills, vomiting, allergic reactions and severe headaches. With these symptoms, you should seek emergency medical attention. Given that the course of antibiotics is prescribed for about 7-10 days, it is better to abstain from alcohol at this time.