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Best Potato Dishes

Лучшие блюда из картошки

Potato or Solanum tuberosum (Latin Solanum tuberosum) is a species of perennial tuberous herbaceous plants from the genus Solanum of the Solanaceae family. Potato tubers are an important food product. The fruits are poisonous due to the content of solanine in them.

The modern scientific name of potato was introduced in 1596 by Caspar Baugin in Theatri botanici, later Linnaeus used this name in his work Species Plantarum (1753). At different times, other authors published other scientific names that now make up the synonymy of the type of potato. The Russian word "potato" comes from it. Kartoffel, which in turn came from Ital. tartufo, tartufolo - truffle.

It is not for nothing that potatoes are called second bread. But it is not as simple as it seems. After all, from it you can cook a huge number of dishes that can please both home and guests.

Potatoes with champignons in sour cream

Картофель с шампиньонами в сметане - Лучшие блюда из картошки


  • Potato - 8 pcs.
  • Champignon - 500 gr.
  • Onions - 1 pc.
  • Flour - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Olive oil
  • Sour cream - 250 gr.
  • Salt pepper.

How to cook potatoes with mushrooms in sour cream:

Peel and cut the potatoes into thin slices.

Chop the onion finely, mix with a tablespoon of flour and fry in olive oil.

Cut mushrooms into small pieces and fry separately from onions.

Put the potatoes in a mold. Add mushrooms, onions, spices and sour cream. Stir everything and bake for 40 minutes.

Potato croquettes

Картофельные крокеты - Лучшие блюда из картошки


  • Potatoes - 2-3 pcs.
  • Flour - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Butter - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Egg - 1 pc.
  • Breadcrumbs - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Salt seasoning from herbs.

How to cook potato croquettes:

Boil potatoes in salted water and mash.

Add the yolk, butter and seasoning from the herbs, mix until smooth.

Roll balls from mashed potatoes.

Whip the protein into foam. Roll balls in flour, then dip in protein and roll in breadcrumbs.

Fry the resulting balls in a large amount of sunflower oil until cooked.

Potato Dauphine

Картофель Дофине - Лучшие блюда из картошки


  • Potato - 9 amount
  • Butter - 9 tsp
  • Cheese - 9 thin slices
  • Salt

How to cook Dauphine potatoes:

Wash and peel the potatoes by cutting a small circle from one edge so that the potatoes can be placed vertically.

Cut along the entire length of the potato, as for french fries, but not cut to the edge of about 1 cm.

Salt, pepper, put one teaspoon of oil inside the potato, garlic can be added if desired.

Put the potatoes in a high baking dish, and lay the pieces of cheese on top.

Bake until golden brown.

Potato julienne

Жульен в картофеле - Лучшие блюда из картошки


  • Large potatoes - 4 pcs.
  • Champignons - 400 gr.
  • Onion - 1 pc.
  • Butter - 100 gr.
  • Flour - 1/2 tbsp. spoons
  • Cream - 250 ml.
  • Grated cheese - 100 gr.
  • Salt pepper.

How to cook julienne in potatoes:

Wash potatoes, but do not peel. Cut each potato into 2 equal parts and use a dessert spoon to remove the middle so that the edges are 5-7 mm.

Put the resulting boats into the water so that the potatoes do not turn black.

Then melt the butter and fry the mushrooms in it for about 5-7 minutes. Then add the onion.

Then mix the flour quickly so that the mass thickens. Add cream, sour cream, salt, pepper and simmer for another 3-4 minutes.

Put potato boats in heat-resistant dishes, add a small piece of oil to each and fill with mushroom filling.

Bake for 15 minutes, sprinkle with grated cheese and put back into the oven for 15 minutes.

Potato pancakes with cheese

Картофельные оладьи с сыром - Лучшие блюда из картошки


  • Boiled potatoes - 500 gr.
  • Garlic - 1 clove
  • Flour - 1/2 cup
  • Baking powder - 2/3 tsp
  • Salt - 1/2 tsp
  • Feta cheese - 120 gr.
  • Chives
  • Parsley and cilantro
  • Egg - 1 pc.
  • Milk - 1/4 cup
  • Pepper

How to cook potato pancakes with cheese:

Grated boiled potatoes.

Chop the green onion finely, grate the garlic.

Mix flour, salt and baking powder.

Add the egg and milk - mix everything. Then add a pinch of pepper, green onion, feta cheese and garlic to the dough and mix thoroughly.

Add grated potatoes, parsley and cilantro.

Heat the oil in a pan and put 1 tbsp. l dough, fry on both sides until golden brown.

Potato "Romanoff"

Картофель «Романофф» - Лучшие блюда из картошки


  • Peeled and grated potatoes - 1 kg.
  • Finely chopped onion - 1 pc.
  • Grated cheddar cheese - 300 gr.
  • Sour cream - 1.5 cups
  • Salt pepper.

How to cook Romanoff potatoes:

In a large bowl, combine potatoes, onions, cheese (1/4 part to set aside), salt, pepper and sour cream.

You can take small baking dishes (4-6 pcs.), Grease with oil, put the potato mixture.

Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Potato sticks with cheese

Картофельные палочки с сыром - Лучшие блюда из картошки


  • Medium boiled potatoes - 5 pcs.
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Breadcrumbs - 100 gr.
  • Hard cheese - 100 gr.
  • Flour - 2-3 tbsp. spoons
  • Vegetable oil
  • Coriander (optional)
  • Salt pepper
  • Spices (optional).

How to cook potato sticks with cheese:

Boil the potatoes in their skins, peel, grate.

Add eggs, spices, salt, sifted flour and mix.

Cheese cut into cubes and with wet hands to form around them a potato dough.

Roll in breadcrumbs and fry on four sides until golden brown.

Serve with any sauce.

Mashed potatoes

Картофельное пюре - Лучшие блюда из картошки

Potato 10 min. boil in water, then drain the water, pour boiling milk, bring to readiness and mash in mashed potatoes with the addition of crushed nuts.

Mash potatoes in mashed potatoes, adding boiling chicken stock. Beat well with a mixer.

Grate hard cheese on a fine grater, dilute puree slightly with hot milk, add cheese and mix thoroughly.

Mash potatoes, add butter. Stir with finely chopped herbs and garlic.

Potato zrazy

Картофельные зразы - Лучшие блюда из картошки


  • Potato - 7 pcs.
  • Minced meat - 500 gr.
  • Onion - 1 pc.
  • Garlic - 3 cloves
  • Egg - 1 pc.
  • Flour - 300 gr.
  • Salt pepper
  • Vegetable oil
  • Breadcrumbs.

How to cook potato zrazy:

Cook the potatoes and beat until smooth.

Add the egg, salt, pepper. Add the flour gradually. The dough should not stick to your hands. Leave to cool.

In vegetable oil, fry finely chopped onions and garlic.

Add the minced meat, salt, pepper and fry until cooked.

Form a cake from potato dough, put the stuffing from the minced meat in the middle and connect the edges of the cake.

Bread the cutlet on all sides. Fry in oil until golden brown. Serve with sour cream.

Jacket baked potato

Картофель, запеченный в мундире - Лучшие блюда из картошки


  • Potato - 4 pcs.
  • Garlic - 4 cloves
  • Butter - 100 gr.
  • Sour cream - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Bacon - 4 pcs.
  • Hard cheese - 200 gr.
  • Dill
  • Chives
  • Salt pepper.

How to cook jacket baked potatoes:

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Wash and dry the unpeeled potatoes.

Grate each potato with plenty of olive oil and salt and put in the oven for 1-1.5 hours. Half an hour before the potatoes are ready, put the cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, add butter and olive oil.

While the potatoes and garlic are baked, slice and fry the bacon. Remove the potatoes from the oven, cool, cut in half, remove the middle with a spoon and transfer to a large bowl.

Add baked garlic, sour cream, olive oil, chopped herbs, bacon, grated cheese. Mix everything.

Using a tablespoon, stuff each minced potato with minced meat, put a piece of butter on top and lay on a wide baking sheet.

Bake until golden brown.

Enjoy your meal!

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