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Emergency care with essential oils

Emergency care with essential oils

Essential oil is a fragrant mixture of liquid volatile substances isolated from plant materials (by distillation, extraction, pressing).

Most essential oils are highly soluble in gasoline, ether, lipids and fatty oils, waxes and other lipophilic substances and are very poorly soluble in water. The solubility of essential oils in alcohol strongly depends on its strength (it decreases noticeably in the presence of water).

Folk recipes: essential oils for first aid!


On the area of ​​the injury, make an application with a mixture of oils:

  • chamomile 2 drops
  • geranium 2 drops
  • lavender 1 drop

dissolve in one teaspoon of vegetable oil.


The burn area should be treated with 1-5 drops of lavender oil and a sterile bandage applied.

Chills, fever

Dissolve in 600 ml of cold water:

  • eucalyptus 3 drops
  • peppermint 2 drops
  • lavender 2 drops
  • geranium 1 drop

With a solution, moisten the napkin and put on for 10-15 minutes on the forehead, elbows, inguinal and popliteal areas.

Repeat the procedure for an hour 4 times, until the heat decreases.


Stretch the neck, back and chest area with an oily solution of aromatic oils once a day:

  • eucalyptus 5 drops
  • thyme 3 drops
  • tea tree 2 drops

For one dessert spoon of vegetable oil.


After applying the immobilizing dressing, moisten the bandage over the place of fracture with a solution of oils:

  • geranium 5 drops
  • thyme 3 drops
  • Lavender 2 drops to dissolve in one dessert spoon of vegetable oil.


In the temporal region, rub the solution of essential oils:

  • peppermint 3 drops
  • Lavender 2 drops dissolved in a teaspoon of vegetable oil.


Mixtures of essential oils for the aroma lamp and massage mixtures for active points (per 5 ml of base oil).

  • 4k. chamomile, 4k. lavender
  • 4k. Neroli, 2k. geraniums
  • 6k. majorman, 2k. rosewood

Working capacity

Mixtures of oils that increase working capacity:

  • 2k. basil, 1k. cypress, 2k. grapefruit
  • 3k. grapefruit, 2k. ginger2k. rosemary, 3k. bergamot
  • 2k. rosemary, 3k. bergamot
  • 2k. mint, 1k. incense


Cough (a mixture of essential oils for aromatherapy and massage mixtures for grinding (for 15-20 ml of base oil):

  • 4k. mint
  • 3k. hyssop
  • 2k. eucalyptus
  • 2k. benzoin
  • 2k. thyme

Dry cough

For 15 ml of base oil (for back and chest massage):

  • 2k. tea tree, 2k. incense, 4к. oranges
  • 4k. eucalyptus, 2k. lavender, 1k. pines
  • 4k. sandalwood, 3к. lavender, 3k. kaappa

Wet cough

For 15 ml of base oil (for back and chest massage):

  • 2k. pine needles, 2k. sanadal, 2k. rosemary
  • 2k. tea tree, 3k. eucalyptus, 2k. fir
  • 2k. lavender, 3k. cloves, 3k. lemon, 2k. frankincense