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What we eat ...

If we knew that they were selling us in the markets and shops, we would have started growing our own food. What has the most appetizing and attractive appearance is often “illiquid” soaked in potassium permanganate and stuffed with wax.

A good buyer is an inattentive buyer. On this is built the whole system of cheating in trade. We ourselves willingly allow sellers to deceive ourselves. Most of the tricks and tricks designed for this. It was decided to check whether the buyers read the labels on the packaging. A new “Ostankino fruit cocktail” label is stuck on a can of ordinary fruit compote - the last word was specially written with an error. In theory, this should alert the attentive buyer. The package contains the composition: kiwi, bananas, melon, watermelon, potassium cyanide, curare poison. In brackets we emphasize "Dangerous to life." These banks, the seller puts on the counter with a sticker "Special price". Discounts, bonuses, special prices and promotions. All this affects the buyer as a cat valerian. This is psychology - you always want to buy cheaper. Sellers of illiquid are well aware of this. Defective products sell quickly with discounts or special prices. Half an hour later a queue lined up at the counter. Surprisingly, those wishing to buy delicacy turned out to be a lot. People pecked at the bait - cheap. Cocktail from cyanic potassium and curare poison was bought in 20 minutes, they took, as they say, in bulk - several cans at once, for friends and acquaintances. If the compote really turned out to be spoiled, they would have been poisoned by at least fifty people. This is an eternal game in which each of us has to participate. The seller has to sell the goods, even the spoiled one, to sell at any cost. His bid - he will go broke or not. This rate has especially grown now in a crisis. The buyer must solve the fraud, his bid is his own health. The one who is worse prepared loses.


For the inattentive buyer is a risk zone. Gum, hustle, sellers hurry "Next!" After evaluating the products by eye, we say "Weigh that little piece to me." Carefully consider what we bought, it is possible only at home in the kitchen. Alexander is a former seller. Experience in the market - 15 years. He quit after selling rotten meat to an 80-year-old man. According to Alexander, he had to sell chilled meat under the guise of fresh meat, meat, which ends with the implementation of, and at the same price. The owner must have deducted the cost of the products from the seller’s salary, so they need to sell the entire product at any price.

The art of cheating customers here is brought to perfection. Disguise illiquid - part of the obligations of the seller. But this is a corporate secret. To see the market from the inside, how to turn rotten meat into fresh meat with vinegar and dyes, you will learn all this further.

The fact is that sellers do not have the right to write off spoiled products. Therefore, they have to sell illiquid commodity. Carcasses of chickens are reanimated with bleach and soda solution. Rotten fish is transformed into smoked with the help of flavors. Sometimes this leads to irreparable consequences.

Now you will not find blue chickens on the market, although 10 years ago you could see a “blue bird” on the shelves. This does not mean that the hens have become better. Just during this time, sellers have mastered color correction. They take the "Whiteness" bleach, dilute it with water and rub it over the chicken. After the hen has a little lie down, the blue leaves. Bleach take literally a drop on the bucket. It is impossible to poison chemicals in such a concentration, and spoiled chicken is easy. After all, she didn’t become better from this - she just changed the color. After such a make-up, the chicken is given an injection, with a gel or water, half a kilogram of weight is added to it. You can distinguish a masked blue chicken, firstly, by smell. It can give bleach. Secondly, to the touch. If you take such a chicken in your hands, you can lightly pinch the tips of your fingers - this is how bleach works.

Usually we buy at the price: you always want to find cheaper - this is normal. Worse, when we are trying to catch on our desire to save. Goulash is usually sold at a discount. The secret to low prices is simple: goulash is made from meat, which has become chapped and completely lost its presentation. To sell it in this form is no longer possible, therefore, rotted pieces are cut off from it, then cut and neatly placed in a package. Sometimes frozen meat is added to the bottom of the bag for weight. The fact that it is impossible to sell, and so - goes for stuffing. Stuffing is prepared immediately on the market - in the back room behind the counter. On the stuffing often go rotten edges and windward films, which are cut from yesterday's fresh meat. To discourage the unpleasant smell, it is added vinegar and lard. If minced meat is cheaper than meat, this is a reason to be alert. Quality minced meat can not be cheaper than meat. After all, its price is the sum of the cost of the meat itself, plus the cost of production. It is best to buy minced meat from sellers who make it with you.

Roadside markets. Here the lowest prices, nowhere else. And no control. Meat and fish are sold in the open air, a few meters from the road next to a roadside ditch. Cheap and angry. In the very first outlet, Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors find meat of unknown origin. Fresh meat, which is considered the most delicious and healthy, falls on the counter of the sheds, located directly behind the market. Here on the grass, a hundred meters from the road, animals are slaughtered and carcasses are carved. Inspectors can only issue a fine for illegal trade - 4 thousand rubles and take samples of meat for analysis. Employees of Rosselkhoznadzor take pieces of meat for analysis, and withdraw the rest of the batch until clarification. Inspectors cannot close the illegal market, it is not within their authority. But they report spontaneous trafficking to the local police station. But often the very next day after closing, such spontaneous markets trade smartly again.

In a spontaneous market, the meat lies on the counter under the scorching sun. Vendors camouflage rotten meat with dyes and flavors, and then sell under the guise of fresh. Lying outdoors in the open day beef is not just illiquid, it is a real biological bomb with a cocktail of carcass poison, salmonella and E. coli. To destroy the smell of a piece of meat rubbed with a solution of vinegar. Then cut off the dark top layer and give the meat a rich color. This is done with the help of fuchsin - a dye that is used in the textile industry, in the manufacture of pencils, inks, carbon paper, pastes for ballpoint pens. After our restoration of meat the smell disappeared, the color changed. To recognize poor-quality meat, you need to attach a paper napkin to it. If the meat is processed with fuchsin, a spot of bright pink chemical color will remain on it. At home, just in case, you can repeat the test: briefly lower the piece into clean water. If the water turns pink, then the meat is processed with magenta - such a piece needs to be thrown away.

According to our laws, illegal sellers are threatened only by administrative responsibility, that is, they will be given a fine and released in peace. Therefore, sellers pay a minimum fine (about 5 thousand rubles) and continue to quietly trade in meat on a nearby street until the next check. According to police, this problem has a solution. The penalty for illegal trade should be such that it becomes simply unprofitable. Now the only option is not to buy anything in illegal markets, it's more expensive.


Buyers here are also cheating. Only in other ways. Fruit mask with wax and lipstick. On a product with an expiry date, interrupt the label. Overdue sausage is cut. They pack it right in the store and put a new date on the label. Old sausages are refined and sent to the counter.

All products here must be checked and safe, because for each product there are certificates, certificates and warranty documents. Buyers in supermarkets are not cheated so brazenly and systematically as in the market. But here too an inattentive person can get to the full. Supermarkets are trying by all means to sell goods with an expiring date. Previously, such products were simply dumped. Now during the crisis, traders are trying by any means to extend their shelf life. As soon as the expiration date has expired, the products should be written off and sent to a landfill. But often expired food is repackaged and put on the counter. Each department store has the right to write off a certain number of products. For example, only 3 packets of milk. If in the evening there are 4 left on the counter, the seller is guilty - he must sell this milk at any price. And here in the course are various tricks.

Any of us in any store has the right to request a certificate for any product under the same law . The expiration date is indicated not only on the label, but also on the certificate. On the first page you can see the real date of manufacture. The seller must present the certificate upon request of the buyer.

Many buyers are sure: the expiration date is indicated with a margin , and you can still eat expired products for a day or two. We decided to check whether this is true? An anonymous customer purchases the most perishable product in the store - sour cream cake. On the day of expiry of its expiration date, the laboratory conducts an analysis. An increased amount of coliform bacteria was found in 0.1 grams of the product and an increased yeast content. The cake spoiled the day with the expiry date on the label. From now on, it is becoming more and more dangerous with every passing hour. There is no shelf life of the products - this is a myth.

Selling illiquid products is not the only way to cheat customers. In large supermarkets they weigh no less than on street bazaars, only technology is more virtuosic. For example, in the frozen food department, customers sell ice for the price of shrimp. Water is pumped into the packaging using a conventional syringe - as much as conscience is enough. Subsequently, everything is frozen and the buyer does not see what you are buying. Packed with frozen foods you just need to look at the light. There is ice and dirty stains in the package, which means they are trying to sell you water.


Watermelons. They are now trading at every corner. According to the Moscow Center for Public Control, half of them are crammed with nitrates. The course of chemotherapy begins on bahcha. Under the peel of watermelon injected nitre. After the injection, it grows twice as fast, but remains green inside. "For the color" watermelon make another injection. One day before the sale.

The most dangerous product for an inattentive buyer is fish. The shelf life is very short, fresh fish spoils in one day. Instead of throwing rotten salmon or trout in the trash, some sellers miraculously make it smoked. "Liquid classic smoke" - a dietary supplement, cost - 60 rubles. On the market an indispensable thing. It can often be seen under the counter at the sellers. Liquid smoke gives the rotten fish a delicate aroma of fire and smoked meats. Processing takes several minutes. Externally, the fish look like smoked. In fact, all smoking is flavoring, coloring, and a few hours in the sun. This beautiful and fragrant salmon contains toxins, deadly to humans. Pseudo-smoked fish can be distinguished by touch - it is softer, the pieces stratify and crawl away.

A common myth is that if the meat has slightly eroded, it’s just fried well enough. Indeed, bacteria die at high temperatures, but there are other dangers. For example, antibiotics. In bad conditions, animals suffer from trichinosis and other infectious diseases. A veterinarian pricks horse dosages of antibiotics in pigs and cows. If the treatment does not help, the animals are sent to meat. Meat vendors even joke that their pork will cure any bronchitis. Meat with antibiotics can adversely affect a person’s immune system. No matter how hot the meat is, antibiotics will not go anywhere - they are resistant to high temperatures.

Overdue sausage is cut. They pack it right in the store and put a new date on the label. That's the whole trick. We think it is a day of manufacture. In fact, the date of packaging. It means that on this day the sausage was sliced ​​and packed in the store. When it was made, now no one will know. Native label is not saved. It is better to choose on the counter a loaf of sausage, and then ask the seller to cut and pack it. Under the law on the protection of consumer rights in any store is obliged to do it for free.

The expiration date of sausages in vacuum packaging expired 3 days ago, polyethylene swelled, sausages rotted. This date of manufacture is washed with acetone. A needle from a syringe makes a small hole in an inaccessible place for the review of the usual buyer. The air comes down, a sticker is attached with the name of the store, with the date of packaging, and sausages are sent to the counter. Overdue sausages can be distinguished by touch. If the vacuum package is wet, the juice drips from it, then the sausages are far from the first freshness.

An attentive buyer can buy quality products in the markets, in supermarkets and in stores. It is only necessary to carefully read the labels, composition and shelf life. Do not hesitate to ask the seller certificates and warranty documents. Remember that high-quality minced meat can not be cheaper than meat, because its price is the cost of meat plus the cost of production. Before buying meat inspect the piece from all sides. If the color is not uniform, it means that it was dyed with magenta. Chicken carcass in hand. If the tips of the fingers lightly tingling, it means that it was bleached with chlorine. Packed with frozen foods look at the light. If the package ice and dirty smudges, you are trying to sell water. These are simple, easy rules. They need to get used to - how to brush your teeth and wash in the morning. By following these rules, you can protect yourself and your family.

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