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Freeze lemons and say goodbye to diabetes, tumors and obesity!

Замораживайте лимоны

Lemon (lat. Citrus limon) - plant; a species of the genus Citrus (Citrus) subtribe Citrus fruits (Citreae) of the Rutacea family. Lemon is also called the fruit of this plant.

Surely you know that lemons have established themselves as an excellent remedy for many diseases. But you may not be aware that frozen lemons provide even more health benefits.

The fruit pulp contains a significant amount of organic acids ( citric, malic ), pectin , sugar (up to 3.5%) , carotene , volatile ; vitamins - thiamine, riboflavin, ascorbic acid (up to 0.085%), rutin, flavonoids, coumarin derivatives, galacturonic acid, sesquiterpenes, hesperidin, eriocytrin, eridiktiol . The seeds contain fatty oil and the bitter substance limonin . Fatty oil is also found in branches and leaves (0.24%). Citronin glycoside was detected in the cortex . Leaves contain 55-880 mg% vitamin C. The characteristic smell of lemon is due to the presence of essential (lemon) oil in various parts of the plant . The main components of lemon essential oil are terpene, α-limonene (up to 90%), citral (up to 6%), geranyl acetate (1%) .

Lemons are frozen mainly for the zest . After defrosting, the zest becomes softer and more convenient to eat.

Like most other fruits, a maximum of nutrients are concentrated in the skin of the lemon to help regulate cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer. It also contains antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial substances.

Regular consumption of lemons leads to positive changes in the body.

We list their main advantages :

  • reduce the risk of stroke;
  • cancer prevention;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • treatment and prevention of inflammation;
  • antibacterial effect;
  • relief of asthma symptoms;
  • struggling with depression and anxiety;
  • cleanse the kidneys and liver.

Studies have also shown that lemon peel is effective in fighting more than ten different types of cancer, and may work better than traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Just add frozen lemons along with the peel to your smoothie and get a noticeable healing and preventive effect from the drink!

How to make lemon ice?

Замораживайте лимоны

  1. Rinse lemons with cold running water, dry;
  2. Dip in apple cider vinegar for a minute to disinfect;
  3. Put in the freezer for 12 hours (at night);
  4. In the morning, grate all frozen lemon - including pulp, peel and seeds;
  5. Put the resulting mass into an ice tray and put it in the freezer;
  6. Use frozen lemon ice cubes whenever you think of them, and enjoy the benefits of this natural medicine!