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Useful tips for training on the horizontal bar

Советы по тренировке на турнике

Crossbeam or horizontal bar - sports equipment. Crossbar exercises are part of men's competition. The crossbar is a steel rod placed on vertical racks and secured with steel braces. The simplest exercises on the bar (pull-ups, coup lifting) are included in the general physical training program. Therefore, the crossbar (in one form or another) can be seen in any gym and on any sports ground.

Pullups - a basic physical exercise that develops muscle groups of the upper body: latissimus, biceps, brachialis, pectoral, upper back, muscles of the abdominal wall, forearm.

How to build a strong and wide back, a powerful and beautiful chest, a bump and strong arms? The answers to these and other questions are related to the horizontal bar and read about them below!

How to become taller with a horizontal bar?

If you want to become taller, you should do exercises for growth on the horizontal bar. You pull yourself up, then go down sharply; hang on your arms and torso, rotate in a circle.

How to pump relief press on the horizontal bar?

Советы по тренировке на турнике

If your goal is to strengthen the abs, do the exercises on the horizontal bar for the abs. In order to perform them correctly, you must follow the correct technique. Hang on the horizontal bar and raise straight legs to the crossbar, and then lower the straight legs down. Your press will become much stronger and more prominent.

How to make the back strong and wide on the horizontal bar?

The most effective back muscles develop pull-ups with an average direct grip. Grasp the bar with a grip equal to the width of your shoulders. Hang with your back arched and legs crossed. It is necessary to pull up, bringing the shoulder blades and trying to touch the crossbar with the top of the chest. At the lower point, it is advisable to straighten the arms completely, this will contribute to a better stretching of the back muscles. Such a grip is equal to the width of the shoulders, only the palms are turned toward themselves. When pulling up, follow the same rules, but in particular, focus on moving your shoulders back and down at the very beginning of the movement.

How to strengthen the spine on the horizontal bar?

Советы по тренировке на турнике

If you have problems with the spine, or if you just want to keep your back healthy, there are many options for exercises on the horizontal bar for the spine. Simple hanging on the bar is effective. You need to focus on relaxing your back muscles and stretching your lumbar spine. If possible, it is advisable to do this exercise several times a day for 15-20 seconds. To maintain spinal health, you can perform half-vis. The legs are on the floor, but you shift only their weight on them, trying to hang only the torso. Relax and feel the thoracic spine stretch.

How to build bulk shoulders on the horizontal bar?

Pulling with a narrow straight grip perfectly develops the shoulder muscles. We hang on the horizontal bar, grabbing the bar from above, observing the minimum distance between the hands. Bending in the back, we pull ourselves up while trying to touch the shell with the lower part of the chest. Partial pull-ups with medium back grip train the biceps of the shoulder. Grasp the bar with a medium back grip, and begin to pull up exactly half. In this position, at a right angle to the floor, lock the body and bend your arms, trying to bring the clavicle as close to the crossbar as possible.

How to pump powerful and beautiful breasts on the horizontal bar?

Советы по тренировке на турнике

If you want to be the owner of beautiful pectoral muscles, start training on the crossbar. We hang on the horizontal bar, making a grip with our palms on ourselves, hands shoulder-width apart, and pulling up. Breathe through your nose: inhale when lifting, exhale when lowering. Pullups are performed at a minimum speed in comparison with uniform breathing. Then you can change the grip: five fingers grab the bar of the horizontal bar from above. We pull ourselves up, "laying the horizontal bar behind the head." This is quite difficult to accomplish.

How to pump strong biceps / triceps on the horizontal bar?

If you have a desire to increase biceps, do biceps exercises on the horizontal bar. To do this, you should be pulled tight grip. It is necessary to take up the crossbar with a reverse grip, possibly connecting the ribs of the palms together. Hanging on straight arms, bend your back, while it is advisable to look at the hands.

Start pulling up, focusing on pulling your shoulders back and pulling your shoulder blades. Reaching the top point, try to bend more in the back and touch the horizontal bar with your chest.