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How to distinguish real alcohol from a fake

Настоящий алкоголь или подделка

Alcohol (from the Arabic. الكحل, al-kuħl - "antimony", through the Latin alcohol, in medieval Latin, this word denoted all sublimation products) - in Russian, it most often acts as a synonym for the phrase ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and alcoholic beverages ( i.e. drinks containing significant amounts of ethyl alcohol).

Alcoholic beverages - drinks containing ethanol (ethyl alcohol, alcohol). The concept of “alcoholic (alcoholic) products” is used in commodity science and in determining taxes and excise taxes on goods.

Counterfeit (English counterfeit - fake) - a new product created on the basis of an existing original with a violation of intellectual rights; counterfeit consumer goods.

The most useful information in the world around us is how not to buy a fake. Unbelievably useful and saved me more than once when choosing gifts for a chef or friend.

Hennessy VSOP

Hennessy is one of the oldest and most famous French cognac houses. Together with the French producer of champagne wines, Moët & Chandon is part of the French holding Louis Vuitton - Moët Hennessy.

Hennessy VSOP Privilege (Very Superior Old Pale) - created in 1817 by order of the future King of England George IV, as "a very superior old pale eau-de-vie". The assembly includes more than 60 cognac spirits aged 6 to 12 years.

Hennessy V.S.O.P - Настоящий алкоголь или подделка

Hennessy XO

Hennessy XO (Extra Old) - created in 1870 by Maurice Hennessy for his friends, as the first cognac with the age indication eXtra Old cognac on the front label of the bottle. The assembly includes more than 100 cognac spirits, aged from 20 to 30 years. In 1947, a special bottle was created for cognac, decorated with an ornament of vine.

Hennessy X.O - Настоящий алкоголь или подделка

Jameson whiskey

Jameson is a brand of traditional Irish whiskey. Distillery Sadr Ogre was founded in 1780 in the capital of Ireland - Dublin.

Jameson Whiskey - Настоящий алкоголь или подделка

Jack daniel's whiskey

Jack Daniel’s is a type of American whiskey. Available in distilleries in Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA, since the 19th century. The drink is made from 80% corn, 8% barley and 12% rye based on pure spring water and as a result contains about 40% alcohol (in brands Jack Daniel's old No. 7 and Gentleman Jack).

Jack Daniel's Whiskey - Настоящий алкоголь или подделка
Jack Daniels Whiskey - Настоящий алкоголь или подделка
Jack Daniel's Whiskey - Настоящий алкоголь или подделка

Olmeca tequila

Tequila (Spanish: Tequila) - a strong distilled alcoholic beverage (mezcal), made mainly in the vicinity of Tequila, a city in the west of the Mexican state of Jalisco, 65 km northwest of Guadalajara. It is made from the core of blue agave (lat. Agáve tequilána, Spanish. Agave azul), a traditional plant of the agave family in Mexico by distillation.

Olmeca Tequila - Настоящий алкоголь или подделка

Jim beam borbon

Jim Beam (pronounced: Jim Beam) is the world's best-selling bourbon brand. Jim Beam meets the requirements of bourbon: its wort consists of more than 51% corn, and it has been stored in new burnt oak barrels for more than two years. It is made in Clermont (Kentucky, USA).

Jim Beam Borbon- Настоящий алкоголь или подделка

Johnnie Walker, Black Label, Red Label Whiskey

"Johnny Walker" (born Johnnie Walker) - a famous brand of scotch tape (Scotch whiskey). More than 130 million bottles are produced per year [1] [2]. Under this brand, both inexpensive varieties aged for at least 3 years and various types of aged expensive whiskey are produced. "Johnny Walker" - blended whiskey.

Black Label - a deluxe blend. It includes about forty varieties aged for at least 12 years. 35 varieties out of 40 are malt whiskeys. The main advantage and advantage of Johnnie Walker Black Label is the complexity of taste.

Red Label - This is a standard blend. It consists of 9 varieties aged 3-5 years. The basis of the blend is Cardhu whiskey with a honey flavor. Red Label also includes smoky peat varieties from the islands.

Johnnie Walker Black Label, Red Label Whiskey - Настоящий алкоголь или подделка

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