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Wake up and sing: how to win a post-holiday state

Как избавится от похмелья

The hangover is a post-toxication condition due to the use of alcoholic beverages, accompanied by unpleasant psychological and physiological effects, such as headache, irritability, dry mouth, sweating, nausea. In the Russian-language literature is often confused with the concept of "alcohol withdrawal syndrome", which is incorrect.

Gentle methods that can prevent a hangover or minimize the consequences of a feast.

Attention! Before trying out a new method, think about whether your health allows you. Of course, it allows drinking, but here the hot bathroom in combination with coffee does not suit everyone, like sauerkraut with kefir.

From a variety of methods, we selected those that are not related to the cleaning of the stomach (enema, water with manganese, etc.). So, we begin our review of the people's, and not only, wisdom!

If next morning Stepa Likhodeev would be told: "Stepa! They'll shoot you if you do not get up this minute! "Stepa would have answered in a languid, barely audible voice:" Shoot, do as I want, but I will not get up. "
It was not like getting up, he thought that he could not open his eyes, because if he only did that, the lightning would flash and his head would immediately be blown to pieces. A heavy bell rang in that head, between the eyeballs and closed eyelids swam brown spots with a fiery-green rim, and to top it all off, and it seemed that this nausea was associated with the sounds of some annoying gramophone. - Michael Bulgakov. "The Master and Margarita"

Beverages to help

Как избавится от похмелья

Water. This life elixir should be the first on your list if your head breaks up in the morning. Alcohol is a diuretic, i.e. it removes moisture from the body. When the water is depleted, the body begins to use all the remaining resources, making no exceptions even for the brain, and - hello, headache! It is advisable to drink H20 even before going to bed to soften the morning hangover, but do not deny yourself in water and on waking.

Sports drinks and coconut water. Sweet sports drinks can turn out more harm than good for exercise, but with a hangover they really will save. Gatorade and any other sports drink will instantly deliver the necessary liquid and electrolytes to the body. An excellent tool - a jar of coconut water, which contains 5 electrolytes, characteristic of human blood, sports drinks are counted only 2.

Tea with ginger and peppermint. Studies show that ginger tea successfully fights with nausea, while tea with peppermint (engaged in saving pregnant women) reduces stomach pain and nausea.

Fruit juice. A glass of apple or cranberry juice will help you begin the process of returning to life. Fructose will instantly give you a charge of energy, accelerate metabolism and try to remove toxins. In addition, the juice contains vitamins and enough fluids to cope with dehydration.

Brine. This acidic liquid with vinegar, salt and water will increase the content of fluid and electrolytes in the body. Drink 50 ml of brine before you go to the bar, and another 50 in the morning.

Food that will help

Как избавится от похмелья

Bananas, kiwi, spinach. These bright foods are filled with potassium - an important electrolyte, the level of which is reduced because of the ability of alcohol to remove fluid from the body. Since morning does not pull on a salad? Mix these fruits with yogurt and get an anti-hangover smoothie.

Eggs. This traditional morning product is not in vain popular: it contains amino acids such as cysteine ​​and taurine. Taurine accelerates the work of the liver, protecting it from the harmful effects of alcohol. Cysteine, in turn, breaks the aldehyde of acetic acid - an unpleasant chemical that remains after the digestion of the liver with ethyl alcohol.

Chicken soup. Not the most popular, but effective means for a hangover. A plate of chicken soup will restore the content of salt and liquid, and the cysteine ​​contained in chicken meat and vegetables will give the liver the necessary charge of energy.

Miso soup. Sushi is the last thing that pulls people during a hangover, but in Japanese cuisine there is still such a "medicine". Like chicken soup, miso soup is an excellent morning remedy to regain lost fluid, restore salt level and normalize digestion.

Crackers or toast with honey. Whole-grain crackers and toasts with their simple carbohydrates will raise the level of sugar in the blood, without upsetting the stomach. Add a little honey, full of fructose, to speed up the process of splitting alcohol.

Oatmeal. A plate of hot oatmeal guarantees your body the charge of such useful substances as vitamins B, calcium, magnesium and iron. Oatmeal will help neutralize acids and increase the level of sugar - and this is an instant charge of energy.

Tomatoes. Tomato juice instead of "Bloody Mary": it is full of lycopene, an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, and fructose, which stretches the "helping hand" of your liver.

Drinks, food that will NOT help

Как избавится от похмелья

Fatty food. In violation of generally accepted concepts, fat is not a helper at all. A large portion of fatty food could save you from a hangover, you eat it before the start of drinking, but when the hangover "on the face", fatty food only irritates an already sensitive stomach.

"Wedge wedge." This folk wisdom of law is only partly: alcohol during the morning hangover will ease the symptoms, but will aggravate dehydration, which means your hangover will last much longer.

Coffee. A breakdown, a cracking head ... it would seem an ideal moment for a cup of coffee! It was not there. Like alcohol, coffee removes liquid from the body, and strengthens your dehydration. In addition, coffee is a vasoconstrictor, and morning espresso will take your headache to a new level. To avoid this unenviable fate, choose beverages without caffeine - herbal teas, juices or good old water.

Orange juice. The glass of this sunny drink is a great start to a cheerful morning, but not in the case of a hangover. Citrus acid of oranges and grapefruits will upset the stomach that has fallen under the alcoholic blow.

Before the feast

1. A few hours before the feast, drink activated charcoal plus an aspirin tablet. The number of activated carbon tablets is 1 per 10 kg of your weight. This method has been tested personally on itself in the student years. With me, it works fine. And my classmate, who enrolled in the Medical University, advised him. And doctors, as you know, do not advise bad.

2. Drink 50 to 100 g of vodka or cognac. Thus, many believe, the body somehow gets a "vaccination" of alcohol and already on the feast it will be easier for you to drink.

3. Before a feast, drink orange fresh.

4. A glass of milk. It slows the absorption of alcohol.

5. Drink medicines that help the liver. But only those to which you have no contraindications!

During the feast

1. Do not mix drinks. If you already drink wine with cognac, it is better to start with wine. Plus do not forget that cognac and vodka, although both are quite high in degree, but still they should line up in a certain queue. First we drink vodka, and then cognac.

2. In between the toasts do not forget to drink more liquid, better than plain water!

3. In addition to liquid, do not forget about food. But here opinions diverge. Someone advises before sitting down at the table, to eat a small piece of butter and at the table there is more meat. Thus, the body forms a barrier and the alcohol is absorbed more slowly. Someone advises not to eat a lot of fat at the table, but rather prefer a simpler meal: potatoes, light salads, pickles, herring, poultry, fruit, sweet.

4. Try not to drink carbonated drinks at the table. They quickly carry alcohol through the body in consequence of which intoxication occurs much faster.

After the feast

But there are more than enough recipes, though, they are no longer as effective as early measures.

1. Is coffee a friend or an enemy? Here, oddly enough, opinions diverge. Someone advises to drink hot strong coffee without sugar with lemon and cognac, someone categorically does not advise drinking coffee. In any case, here you have to decide for yourself whether this drink helps you.

2. Lots of fluid before going to bed and in the morning. In general, after taking a large dose of alcohol, a lot of fluid and nutrients are removed from the body. Therefore, the main rule is the replenishment of the water-salt balance. That's why it is often advised to drink a lot of simple boiled water, water with lemon, orange juice, mineral water, brine, effervescent tablets with vitamin C, etc.

3. Painkillers. Any pills that help you get rid of a headache. In my case, it's just citramone - a combination of caffeine and vitamin C.

4. To drink hot chicken or other meat boiled broth.

5. Some advise to drink some cognac or light beer. So to speak, to get drunk. Frankly, I'm not a supporter of this method and it does not always help. So it is better to use it in very severe cases.

6. Contrast shower and walk in the open air.

7. Mint tea. There is a soothing plus useful.

8. Honey. British experts from The Royal Society of Chemistry have authoritatively stated that honey is a great help in getting rid of a hangover, since fructose, which is contained in honey, turns the harmful effects of alcohol into acetic acid, which is then safely excreted from the body. So a snack with a strong sweet tea (mint or chamomile too, will do) eat a piece of bread with honey.

9. Various medications that can be found in any pharmacy. Starting from Alcozelzer, ending with Magnesia! Aspirin, Citramon, Amber Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Absorbents, Glycine, Activated Carbon, Mint alcohol, Smecta and much more. Do not forget about contraindications!

10. And most importantly, this is the presence of a strong shoulder, on which you can rely, a close person who will readily give you a glass of cold water and an aspirin tablet, will cook you a hot broth and pull you out for a walk with a dog or just like that.

These are not all recipes, there are a lot of them, and some simply amaze with their sophistication.

And, most importantly, drink only quality drinks, eat well, do it all in good company and in a good mood!

I hope that among these recipes you have found something new for yourself and it will be useful to you. Although, of course, it is better to know your measure and to observe it.

How to get rid of a hangover
How to get rid of a hangover
How to get rid of a hangover
How to get rid of a hangover
How to get rid of a hangover

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