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Commandments flat belly

Как сделать живот плоским

Abdominal - the abdomen has its own muscles, which, together with the tendons form the abdominal wall. The combination of the muscles of the abdominal wall involved in the regulation of intra-abdominal pressure, the implementation of acts of defecation, cough, etc., is called the abdominals (prelum abdominale (Latin)).

The abdominal muscles (musculi abdominis or abs) refer to the muscles of the bark, forming, together with the gluteus, thigh, and other small muscles, the so-called muscular corset. They are responsible for: the formation of the abdominal wall; protection and retention of internal organs; body stabilization and posture formation.

All members of the human race (regardless of gender and age) have the same set of muscle groups in the abdominal cavity. Those. abdominal muscles in all consist of the following sections: Straight m. Oblique m.: External oblique and internal oblique; Transverse m. . It is accepted to divide the abdominal muscles into groups of the anterior, lateral, and posterior walls of the abdomen.

To find a flat stomach is difficult, but possible and achievable. The main thing is not to be led to myths and not waste efforts, but to work on yourself and follow the rules.

Do not eat at night

Как сделать живот плоским

The main rule of a flat stomach in the evening: " If you want to eat, go to sleep ." It is better to wake up hungry and have a tasty breakfast with a croissant, than to eat cucumbers for the night. The last meal should be four hours before bedtime. Otherwise, it begins to rot in the stomach at night, and fats are also deposited in the sides.

Remember what time it is

Как сделать живот плоским

> Up to 12 you can eat everything, even bread and chocolate. Do not worry if during the day you at least just walk and blink, consider that you have already burned these calories. All complex carbohydrates - rice, buckwheat, beans - eat until 16:00 . After - only protein and vegetables. Fruits in the evening banned.

Apple is not a dinner

Как сделать живот плоским

Forget about fruit snacks after 4:00 pm and even more about dinner “I'll only eat an apple”. It is better to eat a good piece of dorado than a small fruit. Our body breaks down everything in the gastrointestinal tract into trace elements and absorbs them into the blood. He will not know whether it was a fish or an apple, but he will understand what it is all about. Dorado is broken down to protein and remains in the body as a building material for muscles. The apple will break down as fiber + glycogen, and glucose will remain, raising blood sugar levels. By the way, cake is a complex carbohydrate + glycogen, and again glucose . The bottom line: fruit in the evening is sugar in your blood .

No need to rock the press fanatically

Как сделать живот плоским

To achieve a result, many unknowingly exhaustingly press the press, doing twisting for its central part and oblique muscles. In reality, only running, boxing, fast walking uphill, or dancing in very large numbers can remove the stomach. Lose weight locally, in the abdominal area, contrary to myth, it is impossible. The secret of fat burning in oxygen, and the more muscles will be involved, the more oxygen will react. The rule “the sooner the better” does not work here either. It is not necessary to box until the creation is lost or to run until it stabs in the side, set the speed on track 7.3 - and that will be enough. The greatest effectiveness of such training, on the contrary, is achieved in the medium and even in the low-intensity zone, while in the high organism the body begins to “eat” its own muscle mass.

Как сделать живот плоским

Regular training to help you, and then after a couple of months, the press will manifest itself. And only if this relief is not enough, you can begin to twist, pull the knees to the body and other types of violence of the rectus abdominis muscle - then the cubes are provided to you. Nobody forbids you to do these exercises in parallel, for example, with a run, but the main thing is to remember that the thoughtless swing of the press strengthens it significantly, but this does not affect the layer of quite natural adipose tissue for a woman.

Food film and belt for a run - also not a panacea

Как сделать живот плоским

You take them off, see the long-awaited sweat and think that it is melted fat. Congratulations, this is really sweat - but not fat, but excess water in the body. She will return with the first glass of water after a workout.

Eliminate excess air

Often, even in slender people, the stomach is never flat. Bloating can be provoked by fizzy drinks, chewing gums, smoking, rye bread, biscuits, rye bread, biscuits, potatoes, legumes and cabbage. They all cause the fermentation process, and consequently, the formation of gas.


Как сделать живот плоским

Massage-electrostimulators, twists, trims, TRX loops without running will not help to make the stomach flat. If running is not at all yours, replace it with fast walking, intense dancing, or long-distance swimming. And then meet the summer with a flat belly.

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