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Love the morning: tips on getting up early

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Sleep (Latin somnus) is a natural physiological state characterized by a reduced reaction to the outside world, inherent in mammals, birds, fish and some other animals, including insects (e.g., Drosophila).

Becoming a lark will not be easy if you are used to sleeping longer and then rushing to work or on your daily business. A little planning and understanding of the benefits of an early rise - and you can turn from a dormouse into a lark, wisely using the predawn hours! Another way is to go to bed early. This will not be difficult to do if you train for a while.

Many people would like to rebuild their schedule to get up earlier. Someone has a project that simply does not have enough time after work. Someone just wants to read a book in a relaxed atmosphere. However, making such a habit is not easy. Blogger Sarah Peterson in her column for Fast Company shared her tips on how to do this.

So simple that you can't say no

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Setting the alarm to an earlier time does not guarantee at all that you will wake up. In the end, the “snooze" button can be pressed endlessly. What to do in this case? The expert advises starting with a very small step - setting the alarm just one minute earlier every day. In three weeks (considering only working days) you will get up already 15 minutes earlier, and you won’t even notice it. You made the process so simple that it was impossible to say no.

Yes, before reaching the goal, for example, getting up 2 hours earlier, you will have to wait several months, but this is better than abandoning such plans altogether.

Arrange early meetings

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Make early appointments with other people who get up as early as you. This, firstly, will add a sense of responsibility. Secondly, your body is more likely to wake up on its own if you have something planned. Remember how you wake up a few minutes before the alarm when you have an important business assigned.

So not only an alarm clock, but also morning meetings will be an additional impetus to wake up.

Create a waking atmosphere

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The things that surround you in the morning also matter. For example, you are more likely to go in for sports if the sportswear is prepared in advance. Leave the alarm where you can’t reach it and you just need to stand to turn it off. If there is such a function, put the coffee maker on the timer so that the coffee is ready for your rise, etc. Think about which “improvements” are right for you.

Find a specific cause of failure

Have you tried to get up early, but nothing worked? Try to establish exactly what steps towards this goal you failed to implement. For example, you set the alarm at an earlier time, but constantly delayed the rise. Perhaps you are trying to get up much earlier and do not let the body gradually get used to it. Or you just do not get enough sleep, going to bed too late.

Think of not only big, but also small problems. If this, for example, is a banal cold that does not allow you to crawl out from under the covers, put a warm bathrobe nearby to immediately dive into it.

Find a reason you will like

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Determine why you want to get up early. It is important to find a positive motivation. If you plan to get up to run, but at the same time you absolutely do not like running, most likely you will not be able to follow such a schedule for a long time. Why not reformat your day? Plan for the morning what you really love and what inspires you.

Celebrate progress

Another way to maintain motivation is to use a simple calendar. Put a calendar in the room and mark when you managed to get up earlier. A few crossed out weeks will push you to prevent future gaps in the calendar.

Tune in to being a “morning person”

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Self - tuning is another important factor. The belief that you are an “owl” and that you need to overcome yourself for the morning rises will negatively affect your plans. Try simply abandoning this mantra. Perhaps you only need more time to get used to the new schedule, and you will feel quite comfortable.