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How to choose a pan

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Frying pan - a device for frying food. It usually has a round shape. Can be without handles, with one handle or with two handles. It is made of cast iron, stainless steel or steel coated with various enamels, aluminum, ceramics and other materials. It is equipped with a lid made of various materials (transparent or opaque) and, sometimes, with a mesh that prevents the splashing of grease or oil.

Historically, pans could also be made of other materials, for example, ketsi (georg . კეცზე ) - Georgian flat clay or stone (including talcochlorite) frying pan. Used for baking bread, mchadi, khachapuri, roasting chickens, fish, etc. The frying pan and the Bible are mentioned ( 2 Kings 13: 9 ). Many modern pans have an internal coating of non-stick materials (most often based on polytetrafluoroethylene, often called the proprietary name - “Teflon”), which prevents food from sticking to the pan. Among the majority of users there is an opinion that such a coating prevents food from burning, but this protection is not ideal and food can burn in such a frying pan.

What makes each dish especially tasty? You, not once noticed that different people have the same recipes embodied in different ways, even if the products were taken in the same store. The taste of the same dishes affects not only the approach to cooking products or the quality of the ingredients, but also the kitchen appliances that you use.

The editorial staff of “” has collected tricks that can highlight your culinary talent and it’s very bad if you don’t know them. It will be a question of the most used subject in your kitchen - a frying pan . It is fried, stewed and even baked. In fact, you can cook absolutely everything in the pan, and we will tell and explain about all the available types how best to use them and what kind of food they are best prepared for.

Cast iron

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Let's start with the classics. A cast iron pan should be in every home, as there is simply no more favorable material for frying. It warms up evenly, keeps heat well and has a non-stick effect.

Remember that the proper use of a cast iron skillet includes special care : do not clean the cast iron with detergents, but rather wipe with a damp cloth and burn to dry state, because such a frying pan may rust.

It is best to cook meat in a cast iron pan, namely steaks . They turn out juicy due to the fact that they quickly seize the crust and retain moisture in themselves, but it is hardly worth overeating meat, like other products, on iron, take into account its heat!


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The complete opposite of a cast iron pan is aluminum . Its advantages are that it is light , quickly warms up and does not rust , but at the same time requires careful handling. When cooking or cleaning, avoid damage to the surface, because it is thanks to the protective layer that such a pan does not rust. Try not to drop or hit the aluminum cookware, because it is easily deformed.

Food easily sticks to aluminum; therefore, it is best to use such pans for quick roasting , for example, browning . Due to the fact that aluminum warms up quickly, it is easy to boil liquids in such a frying pan, and this significantly reduces the cooking time for sauces.


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Ceramic frying pan is famous for its usefulness. Firstly, it is ideal for diet meals , as it requires a minimum of oil. Secondly, ceramics are absolutely safe for health. In addition, it is not deformed by heat and is not scratched .

However, the heating effect of ceramics is very different from the heating of cast iron, although both materials perfectly keep the heat. Scrambled eggs can simply be cooked in a ceramic pan, but you will get better steamed vegetables than in a restaurant.

The only disadvantage of ceramics is that this material is sensitive to temperature changes. This eliminates cooking frozen vegetables on it and washing in the dishwasher !


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Teflon has established itself as the best non-stick coating, which has no analogues. Its gliding properties allow you to cook any food almost without oil, and the material itself is pleasantly light. Teflon pans are recognized as the most popular in the world .

Now let's talk about the other side of the coin. When cooking in this pan you can use only silicone or wooden spatulas . If the Teflon coating is damaged , a toxic substance is released that can accumulate in the body. In addition, Teflon pans are not recommended to heat above 200-250 degrees for the same reason.

Stainless steel

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Absolutely safe for health , does not rust, does not deform. If Teflon is the most popular coating, then stainless steel is the most demanded material for the manufacture of any dishes. Despite the fact that it poorly conducts heat, a multilayer bottom copes with this problem. Steel always glitters and cleans well.

You can cook almost anything in it, but it is important to follow the process, as the food burns easily .

Marble and granite

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Marble coverage will cost you more, but it's worth it. In such a frying pan, you can perfectly cook dishes that require languor . Just like in ceramic dishes, cereals are especially tasty, but, unlike silicon, marble can be washed in a dishwasher .

The only drawback of such a pan can be called only its susceptibility to mechanical damage . Otherwise, it is pleasant to use and absolutely safe for health.


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If a teflon pan is recommended to add at least a drop of oil, titanium pans do not need it at all. Titanium, like cast iron, is uniformly heated, but does not rust.

However, despite the fact that titanium does not rust, it tends to oxidize upon contact with products containing acids. For such ingredients it is better to use ceramic dishes, and leave titanium to fry fish and stew meat .

Knowing all this, it is difficult to say which pan is better. Each fits a specific list of dishes. The perfect set will turn out if you stock up on a cast-iron, ceramic and aluminum frying pan. And for frying, and for languor, and for browning there will be a tool within reasonable prices.

Remember that cooking is a science that requires deep knowledge in the gastronomic business!