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Hydrogen peroxide and cancer: that's what science has known for 50 years and you need to know

Перекись водорода и Рак

Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), H2O2 - the simplest representative of peroxides. Colorless liquid with a "metallic" taste, unlimited soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Concentrated aqueous solutions are explosive. Hydrogen peroxide is a good solvent. It is released from water as an unstable crystalline hydrate H2O2 2H2O.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is considered one of the best home remedies. It is one of the few "miraculous substances" still available to the public. It is safe, easily accessible and very cheap. Moreover, it works!

Did you know that you probably tried hydrogen peroxide for the first time right after your first breath? This is so because mother's milk (especially colostrum) contains an extremely high concentration of H2O2. In the light of the fact known to us that one of the main functions of breast milk is to activate and stimulate the infant's immune system, the content of an abnormally large amount of H2O2 in it makes sense.

Cancer is dangerous. Do not play with fire! Do not eat it, do not drink it. Do not spread it on the skin, warns The Organic Wellness .

Yes, it sounds strange, but this is a warning not to smear cancer on your body and not to take it inside.

Cancer is a seed sample treated with pesticides or created by GMO. Cancer is a treatment used for fruits and vegetables. Cancer is in sunscreen lotions filled with toxins that mix with your sweat and block the vitamin D that you usually get from the sun.

Cancer is cosmetics, makeup, soap, toothpaste and shampoos. Cancer may be hiding in your refrigerator, your pantry and in your first-aid kit, but he has a sworn enemy. Cancer has an enemy that destroys it, like a machine gun mows a field of enemy soldiers.

Перекись водорода и Рак

It is called “hydrogen peroxide”. The media will convince you that peroxide is “dangerous”, but they will keep silent about the fact that if you drop a few drops of peroxide into a glass of water every day, you can stop the cancer . Yes it's true.

Cancer thrives in an acidic environment when the blood and organs are filled with processed salt, sugar, animal fat, and artificial food. The heart and brain try to filter out the toxins found in most common food forms, such as antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, bleach, ammonia, fluoride, heavy metals, and more.

That is why doctors and oncologists tell patients not to use alkalizing products, such as cabbage, because this will “hinder chemotherapy”. God forbid that you start alkalinizing all this acid, which kills your GOOD cells.

Most cancer patients die as a result of chemotherapy and radiation damage to their non-cancer cells. In other words, your good cells that are trying to help your body fight cancer also lose oxygen, which leads to the spread of cancer cells and death within 5 years.

Перекись водорода и Рак
“The most forgotten solution to all forms of disease and disease is perhaps the simplest. All pathogens, viruses and parasites are anaerobic. They thrive in the absence of oxygen, but cannot survive with its abundance. they need glucose fermentation to survive. "

What should you do, do you have cancer or not? Alkalize your body, that's what.

Now keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide does not restore the immune system or does not restore cells damaged by toxic chemotherapy. Their body restores.

It is programmed into your DNA. Men and women have the same schedule:

  • 120 days - NEW red blood cells;
  • 90 days - NEW Skeleton;
  • 60 days - NEW cells and brain tissue;
  • 49 days - NEW Bubble;
  • 45 days - NEW liver, new DNA cell material;
  • 30 days - NEW hair, NEW skin;
  • 5 days - NEW stomach sheath.

It has been clinically demonstrated that the spread of metastasis is "inversely proportional to the amount of oxygen around the cancer cells." This means that the more oxygen there is, the slower the cancer spreads. Conversely, the less oxygen, the faster it spreads.

If the cancer cells get enough oxygen, they will die! Hydrogen peroxide kills cancer cells because cancer cells do not have a mechanism to fight it.

Перекись водорода и Рак

The key to treating cancer with hydrogen peroxide is to add peroxide to cancer cells. There is a scientific explanation for this: proteolytic enzymes, also called pancreatic enzymes, literally cut off a thick protein coating that covers cancer cells, so the immune system can recognize cells as cancerous.

Well, you don't have to be a scientist to understand this! Destroying the protein coating, hydrogen peroxide enters the cancer cells. You will not be told on TV.

And science has known this for 50 years.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg 50 years ago demonstrated the main difference between normal and cancerous cells.

Both receive energy from glucose, but a normal cell needs oxygen in combination with glucose, while cancer cells destroy glucose without oxygen, receiving only about 1/15 of the energy per glucose molecule that a normal cell produces.

That's why cancer cells have such a huge appetite for sugar and why obese people are more likely to get cancer. This is called a "biochemical cascade."

Перекись водорода и Рак

Warburg argued that hydrogen peroxide and several other cancer treatments are safe and effective. But pay attention to what you are buying, because 35% hydrogen peroxide for food is the only class recommended for internal use .

Beware of 3% pharmaceutical peroxide. This is a variety sold in your pharmacy or supermarket.

This product is not recommended for internal use, as it contains a number of stabilizers that cannot be ingested.

Recommendations for the use of peroxide at home: some people add a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a fat content of 35% in a bath of warm water and lie down for 20-30 minutes.

Перекись водорода и Рак

Hydrogen peroxide is absorbed by the skin, which is your largest organ. Others drink a glass of water with a few drops of food peroxide.

(But remember that self-medication is dangerous for your health, and you should consult with your doctor before taking ANY preparations.)

Also pay attention to digestive enzymes. For years, researchers have noted the correspondence between low levels of enzymes and cancer; in fact, enzyme therapy has been used with good results against cancer in Europe and some doctors in the United States.

Be sensible about your health!

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