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Manmaker: one exercise for all (or almost all) body muscles

Мэнмейкер упражнение на все мышцы

Physical exercises - elementary movements, composed of them motor actions and their complexes, systematized for the purposes of physical development. Physical exercises were formed on the basis of movements and actions borrowed from labor, household, military activities of a person (running, walking, jumping, throwing, lifting weights, swimming, etc.) and organizationally and methodically took shape in the form of gymnastics, light and weightlifting, mobile and sports games, sports tourism, etc. Various combinations and systems of physical exercises make up the content of sports, are included in physical education programs in various educational institutions.

If you know English, then you understand that it is called a moneymaker for a reason. Well, if you don’t know, we’ll explain to you: Maine - it’s understandable, “man,” and a maker is “transforming.” In short - it makes you a man. Not bad, huh? Watch the briefing from New York coach Ben Sweeney!

How many times have you used the excuse to workout in the style of "well, today there really is no time"? For this exercise, such a reason is disrespectful because it only takes 5 minutes.

The trick is that the man-maker combines 4 movements in himself - push-up, pull, taking on the chest and bench press.

If you have a pair of dumbbells at home (we hope you have them and will not gather dust), you will be able to pump the whole body, from neck to legs, faster than you change into a sports suit.

This dynamic hybrid exercise involves several muscle groups. Of course, not all muscles, as written on the video, but, to be precise, all the most important ones: triceps, biceps, back, chest, hips, calves, core ... Manmaker will fry your body as it should.

Grab dumbbells and turn on the stopwatch - we want to know how many repetitions you will have in 5 minutes. If you upload a video on Instagram with the hashtag #menshealthrussia , we will post it on our official page!

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