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Description of the medicine: Iruxol (Iruxol)

Iruxol (Iruxol).

An ointment containing 1 g of clostridyl peptidase A (0.6 U) and chloramphenicol (chloramphenicol - 10 mg).

Clostridyl peptidase is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from Clostridium histolyticum.

Ointment promotes enzymatic cleansing of wounds, prevents the development of infection, accelerates regeneration.

Apply for varicose ulcers, burns, frostbite, long-term healing ulcers, etc. Apply a thin layer 2 times a day. Exfoliated necrotic masses are preliminarily removed.

Possible side effects (burning, pain) are rare, pass on their own.

Release form: in tubes of 10 and 30 g.

Storage: in a cool place.

It is made in Yugoslavia.