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Description of the medicine: Camphora (Camphora)

CAMPHORA (Camphora).

Synonym: Camphor.

For medical purposes, a dextrorotatory natural camphor obtained from the camphor tree Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Nees et Eberm., Or a synthetic levorotatory derived from fir oil, or racemic camphor is used.

White crystalline pieces or a colorless crystalline powder, or pressed tiles with a crystalline structure, easily cut with a knife and sticking together into lumps. It has a strong characteristic odor and a spicy, bitter, then “cooling” taste. It is slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform, fatty and essential oils. Store in well-sealed jars in a cool place.

Camphor is one of the main representatives of analeptic drugs. When introduced under the skin, camphor solutions in oil tone the respiratory center and stimulate the vasomotor center. Camphor also has a direct effect on the heart muscle, enhancing the metabolic processes in it and increasing its sensitivity to the influence of "sympathetic nerves". Under the influence of camphor, peripheral blood vessels narrow. Standing out from the body through the respiratory tract, camphor promotes the separation of sputum. There are indications that camphor inhibits platelet aggregation, and therefore it can be recommended for use to improve microcirculation.

Until recent years, it was believed that only right-handed natural camphor has a therapeutic effect; then it was discovered that the synthetic levorotatory camphor is not inferior to it, and recently it has been established that there is no significant difference between the action of these isomers of camphor and its racemic form. All three forms have a positive effect on alveolar ventilation; improve pulmonary blood flow and myocardial function.

Camphor solutions are used for complex therapy in acute and chronic heart failure, collapse, respiratory depression in pneumonia and other infectious diseases, in case of poisoning with sleeping pills and drugs.

The following camphor preparations are used.

Camphor solution in oil 20% for injection (Solutio Camphorae oleosae 20% pro injectionibus). 20% camphor solution in peach (or olive) oil. Light yellow oily transparent liquid with a camphor smell.

It is injected strictly under the skin (avoiding the entry into the lumen of blood vessels in order to avoid embolism). Single dose for adults from 1 to 5 ml; for children under 1 year - 0.5 - 1 ml, 1 year - 2 years - 1 ml, 3 - 6 years - 1, 5 ml, 7 - 9 years - 2 ml, 10 - 14 years - 2, 5 ml. Enter 1-3 times a day. Before administration, it is recommended to warm the solution to body temperature.

In rare cases, after administration of the drug, the formation of infiltrate (oleoma) is possible, to accelerate the resorption of which physiotherapeutic procedures are used; allergic reactions are sometimes possible.

The use of camphor is contraindicated in epilepsy and a tendency to convulsive reactions.

Release form: in ampoules of 1 and 2 ml.