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Description of the medicine: Mercury amidochloride (Hydrargyri amidochloridum)

MERCIDES AMIDOCHLORIDE (Hydrargyri amidochloridum).

Synonyms: Amidochloric mercury, White sedimentary mercury, Aminomercury chloride, Ammoniated mercury chloride, Hydrargyrum amidatochloratum, Hydrargyrum praecipitatum album, Mercury cosmetic, White precipitate.

White lumps or odorless white amorphous powder. It gets dark in the light. Insoluble in water and alcohol.

White mercury ointment (Unguentum Hydrargyri album).

Synonyms: Unguentum Hydrargyri amidatochloratum, Unguentum Hydrargyri amidochloridi, Unguentum Hydrargyri praecipitati albi.

Contains mercury amide chloride 10 parts, petroleum jelly 60 parts, anhydrous lanolin 30 parts.

It is used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent for skin diseases (pyoderma, etc.).

Release form: in packing on 25 g.

Storage: List B. In well-sealed jars in a dark place.