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Description of the medicine: Securinin (Securininum)

SECURININ (Securininum).

The securinine alkaloid (C 13 H 15 O 2 N) was isolated from the securinega semi-shrub grass, or branched [Securinega suffruticosa (Pall.), Seu ramiflora (Mull.-Arg.)], Fam. Euphorbiaceae (Euphorbiaceae).

In medical practice, securinine nitrate (Securinini nitras, Securinine nitrate) is used.

Synonym: Securininum nitricum.

Crystal powder, white or white with a cream or pinkish tint. Under the influence of light turns pink. Soluble in water, sparingly soluble in alcohol.

Excites the central nervous system, increases the reflex excitability of the spinal cord, the nature of the action is close to strychnine. Compared with strychnine, it is less active, but less toxic (8-10 times).

It is used for asthenic conditions, paresis and paralysis that arose after previous infectious and other diseases, with a hypo- and asthenic form of neurasthenia, with sexual impotence due to functional nervous disorders, etc.

Assign inside (regardless of food intake) or under the skin. Inside, take in the form of tablets of 0.002 g (2 mg) 2 times a day or a 0.4% solution of 10 to 12 drops 2 times a day; a 0.2% solution of 1 ml (2 mg) is administered under the skin once a day. The drug is used daily for 20 to 30 days.

Higher doses for adults inside: single 0.005 g, daily 0.015 g; under the skin: single 0.003 g, daily 0.005 g.

Possible side effects and contraindications are the same as when applying strychnine.

Method of release: tablets of 0.002 g (2 mg); 0.4% solution in 20 ml vials (for oral administration); 0.2% solution in ampoules of 1 ml (for subcutaneous injection).

Storage: List A. In a cool, dark place.

Rp .: Tab. Securinini nitratis 0.002

N. 20.

DS 1 tablet 2 times a day

Rp .: Sol. Securinini nitratis 0.4% 20 ml

DS 1O drops 2 times a day

Rp .: Sol. Securinini nitratis 0.2% 1 ml

DtdN 20 in ampull.