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Description of the medicine: Dacarbazine (Dacarbazine)

DACARBAZINE (Dacarbazine). 5- (3, 3-Dimethyl-1-triazeno) -imidazole-4-carboxamide.

Synonyms: Biocarbazine, Deticene, DTIC.

The structure and action has elements of similarity with nitrosomethylurea.

It is used to treat various malignant neoplasms, especially malignant melanoma and malignant lymphomas. Also used for tumors of the testis, rectum, digestive tract, central nervous system, sarcoma of soft tissues.

Dacarbazine is administered only intravenously. The contents of the vial are dissolved in 10 or 20 ml of sterile water for injection. Usually administered within 1 min. The usual dose of 200 - 250 mg per 1 m 2 of body surface for 5 days. The treatment cycles are repeated at intervals of 21 to 29 days.

Dacarbazine is used alone or in combination with other antitumor drugs: bleomycin, platinum preparations, 5-fluorouracil, etc.

Precautions and contraindications see Nitrosomethylurea.

Release form: in the lyophilized form in bottles of 100 and 200 mg in a package of 10 bottles.