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Description of the medicine: Perindopril (Perindopril)

PERINDOPRIL (Perindopril).

1- [N- [1-Carboxybutyl] alanyl] hexahydro-2-indoline carboxylic acid ethyl ester.

Synonyms: Coverex, Prestarium, Coverex, Prestarium.

Alanine-containing ACE inhibitor. The structure is close to ramipril. In contrast to the latter, built on the basis of cyclopentapyrrolocarboxylic acid, it contains a fragment of indoline carboxylic acid.

Perindopril is a prodrug; in the body, it is metabolized to the active metabolite perindoprilat.

Absorbed quickly (1 h), bioavailability is 65-95%, C max - 1 h (for perindoprilat 3-4 hours), T Ѕ - 1 h (for perindoprilat 24-25 h); excreted by the kidneys.

According to the indications for use, perindopril is mainly similar to other ACE inhibitors: arterial hypertension (including renovascular), chronic congestive heart failure.

Assign inside (before meals), starting with 0.002 g (2 mg) once a day. If necessary, the dose is gradually (with an interval of several weeks) increased to 0.004 g (for congestive heart failure) or 0.008 g (for arterial hypertension) once a day.

Side effects (dizziness, headache, sleep disorders, dyspepsia, violation of taste sensations, coughing, skin rashes, increased creatinine and urea concentrations in the blood) are rare and not very pronounced.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Release form: tablets on 0,002 and 0,004 g (2 and 4 mg) (N. 14, 30).

Noliprel (Noliprel) - tablets containing perindopril and 0.002 g (2 mg) and 0.000625 or 0.00125 g (0.625 or 1.25 mg) of indapamide diuretic (arifon).