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Medication Description: Lanreotide (Lanreotide)

LANREOTID (Lanreotide).

Synonym: Somatulin, Somatuline.

Synthetic heptapeptide, similar in structure and action to endogenous somatostatin.

Powder in the form of lyophilized microspheres characterized by rapid (from the surface) and slow release phases.

C max in the phases of fast and slow release is 0.6-2.2 hours and 0.1 and 3.7 days, respectively, bioavailability is about 30-60%, T Ѕ - 2.7-7.7 days.

Indications, possible side effects and contraindications are the same as with octreotide.

With acromegaly and endocrine tumors of the gastro-entero-pancreatic system, intramuscular injection of 0.03 g (30 mg) is prescribed 1 time per 10-14 days.

Product form: lyophilized powder for injection solutions in vials of 0.03 g (30 mg), complete with solvent.