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Description of the medicine: Stabisol (Stabisol)

STABISOL (Stabisol).

A preparation of 6% hydroxyethylated starch with a molecular weight of about 450,000 in an isotonic sodium chloride solution.

Used for the prevention and treatment of hypovolemia and shock of various origins (hemorrhagic, traumatic, burn, septic, etc.).

Introduced intravenously in a drop of 250-1000 ml. The usual daily dose is 1500 ml.

Possible side effects: allergic and anaphylactoid reactions.

Contraindications: severe hemorrhagic diathesis and other disorders accompanied by bleeding, severe heart failure, severe renal impairment (with oligo- and anuria), pregnancy, breast-feeding, up to 10 years of age.

Release form: 6% solution for infusion in 500 ml vials.