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Medication Description: Fructose (Fructose)

FRUCTOSE (Fructose).


Synonym: Levulose, Levuloza.

Hepatoprotective and rehydrating agent. Drug for carbohydrate food.

Applied with hypovolemia, liver disease, increased intracranial pressure, glaucoma, cachexia, acute alcohol intoxication, glucose deficiency in the pre- and postoperative period.

Injected intravenously: adults with a speed of up to 100 drops per minute of a 5% solution and 40 drops per minute - 10%; children - 0.25 g / kg.

May cause thrombophlebitis.

Contraindications: lactic acidosis, decompensated diabetes mellitus, severe heart failure, oliguria, anuria, pulmonary edema.

Product form: 5% and 10% solutions for infusion in vials of 500 ml.