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Medication Description: Epoetin Omega (Epoetin omega)

EPOETIN OMEGA (Epoetin omega).

Synonym: Epomax, Epomax.

In composition, it corresponds to epotina alpha and epotina beta.

Apply with anemia on the background of chronic renal failure.

Enter subcutaneously or intravenously, starting from 25-50 IU / kg 3 times a week, if necessary, increase the dose to 60-75 IU / kg. The total weekly and maintenance dose should not exceed 225 and 60-100 IU / kg respectively.

Possible side effects: tachycardia, provoking stenocardia, thrombosis, hyperkalemia, flu-like symptoms, edema, cramps of the gastrocnemius muscles, diarrhea, etc.

Form release: solution for injection in vials of 1 ml (2000 and 4000 IU).