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Medication Description: Letrozole

LETROSOL (Letrozole).

4,4ґ- (1H-1,2,4-1-yl-methylene) dibenzonitrile.

Synonym: Femara, Femara.

According to the mechanism of action and indications for use is close to anastrozole.

When ingestion is absorbed completely, bioavailability reaches 100%, T Ѕ is about 48 hours; undergoes biotransformation in the liver, excreted mainly by the kidneys.

Assign inside of 0.0025 g (2.5 mg) 1 time per day for a long time (5-10 years or more).

Possible side effects: dyspeptic symptoms, weakness, headache, gynecological bleeding, peripheral edema, myalgia, hot flashes, thinning hair, rash.

Contraindications: premenstrual syndrome, pronounced renal dysfunction, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Product form: tablets of 0.0025 g (2.5 mg) (N. 30).

Storage: List B.