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Description of the medicine: Sinepres (Sinepres)

SINEPRES (Sinepres).

Combination tablets containing dihydroergotoxin methanesulfonate 0.0006 g (0.6 mg), reserpine 0.0001 g (0.1 mg), hydrochlorothiazide 0.01 g (10 mg). Covered with a purple-pink color (Tabulettae "Sinepres obductae").

The methanesulfonate contained in tablets of dihydroergotoxin, i.e., redergin (see), has an α-blocking effect, reserpine (see) has a sympatholytic effect, hydrochlorothiazide (see) is a powerful diuretic.

In total, the drug has a positive effect in hypertension. The selected doses are designed for the effectiveness of the drug and good tolerance for mild to moderate arterial hypertension.

Assign inside (after eating) 1 tablet 2 times (3 times) per day. After achieving the therapeutic effect, the dose is reduced to 1 tablet per day. Treatment is carried out for a long time. Due to the fact that with prolonged use, the development of hypokalemia is possible (due to the content of hydrochlorothiazide), it is necessary to prescribe a diet rich in potassium, and to control the content of potassium in the blood serum.

When applying cinepresa, mood deterioration, weakness, drowsiness, and nasal congestion are possible. Given the peculiarity of its effect on the central nervous system, the content of reserpine in the drug, Sinepres should not be prescribed to patients prone to depression. Persons whose work requires increased attention (operators, drivers of vehicles, etc.) should not take cinepres the day before and during work.

The drug is contraindicated in violation of the liver and kidneys, during pregnancy and lactation.

Release form: tablets (total weight with fillers 0.1 g) in a package of 10 and 50 pieces.

Storage: List B. In a dry, dark place.