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Description of medicine: Rhizomes of a serpentine (Rhizomata Bistortae)

ROOT COLLECTOR (Rhizomata Bistortae).

Collected after flowering, peeled of roots, leaf and stem residues, washed and dried rhizomes of wild perennial herbaceous plants of the mountain snake (serpentine) - Rolumonum bistort L. and the mountaineer of beef-red - Rolugonum sanneum C. Kosh, sem. buckwheat (Rolugonaseae).

Contains at least 15% tannins, gallic acid, starch, colorants, etc.

Applied with inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes in the form of a decoction (from 10 g to 200 ml).

Release form: crushed raw materials in cardboard packs of 50 g each