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Medication Description: Coil Rhizomes (Rhizomata Bistortae)

ROOTED REMAINS (Rhizomata Bistortae).

Collected after flowering, peeled from the roots, remnants of leaves and stems, washed and dried rhizomes of wild-growing perennial herbaceous plants of the snake mountaineer (serpentine) - Polоgum bistort L. and mountaineer red and red - Polougunum carnum S. Kosh, Sem. buckwheat (Polugonaseae).

Contains at least 15% tannins, gallic acid, starch, coloring matter, etc.

Applied with inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes in the form of a decoction (10 g per 200 ml).

Release form: the crushed raw materials in cardboard packs on 50 g.