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Medication Description: Romasulon (Romasulon)

Romazulon (Romasulon) *.

Chamomile extract containing liquid - 96 ml and chamomile essential oil (containing 6% azulene) - 0.3 ml. Tween-80 (4 g) is added as an emulsifier.

The drug has anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effect.

Used for rinsing, washing, compresses with inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity (gingivitis, stomatitis), the outer ear, with vaginitis, urethritis, cystitis, inflammatory dermatosis, trophic ulcers, as well as inside - with gastritis, colitis and other diseases accompanied by meteorism; with spastic colitis also prescribed in the form of enemas.

For external use and for enemas dilute 1 1/2 tablespoons of the drug in 1 liter of water. Inside take 1/2 tsp, diluted in 1 cup of hot water.

Product: in bottles of 100 ml.

Produced in Romania.