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Medication Description: Mustard Seed (Semen Sinapis)

MUSTARD SEED (Semen Sinapis).

Mature seeds of an annual cultivated mustard blue-gray (sarepta) mustard - Bаssicа junsea (L.), Сzern., Herewith. cruciferous (Cruciferae). Black mustard seeds - Bаssicа pyra (L.) Кiсh are also allowed for use. Contains about 30% fatty oil (used in the food industry), the enzyme mirozin and glycoside sinigrin. Essential mustard oil is extracted from low-fat seeds.

Essential mustard oil (Oleum sinapis aephaeum) (list B). Transparent colorless or light yellow liquid of extremely pungent odor, strongly irritates mucous membranes and skin.

Sometimes prescribed as a local irritant and distracting means in the form of a 2% alcohol solution.

Mustard plasters (Сharta Sinapis, Сhаrtа Sinаrisatа). Sheets of paper 8 x 12, 5 cm in size, coated with a defatted powder (mustard mixture obtained from oilcake and mustard seed).

When wetted with warm water there is a strong smell of essential mustard oil.

Applied as an anti-inflammatory (distracting) agent.

In wetted form, apply on the skin (for 5 - 15 min) until the appearance of pronounced redness.

The therapeutic effect is largely due to reflex reactions that occur due to irritation of the nerve endings of the skin.

Mustard pills should not be used for damaged skin, pustular diseases, neurodermatitis, eczema weeping, psoriasis.

A “Mustard Plaster” package is also produced, which is a heat-sealed package of non-washable porous paper from two or on one side and paper with polymer coating on the other. The bag is filled with mustard mixture.

Mustard plaster package is available in the size of 11 x 10 cm and is divided into 4 equal bags. Each bag is evenly filled with mustard mixture.

Before use, the bag is shaken until the powder is evenly distributed, placed horizontally for 15 to 20 seconds in warm water, placed on the skin, covered with a dry, dense cloth, left for 2 to 3 to 5 to 10 minutes depending on the age and sensitivity of the skin.

Contraindications - see mustard plaster.

Storage: in a dry, cool, dark place.