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Description of the medicine: Leaves of wormwood (Herba Artemisiae absinthii)


LEAVES OF HALF MOUNTAIN (Herba Artemisiae absinthii. Folia Artemisiae absinthii).

Collected and dried grass (at the beginning of flowering) and leaves (before flowering or at the beginning of flowering) of a wild-growing perennial herbaceous plant of wormwood (Arthamis absinthium L.), herewith. Astrov (Asterasee).

Contains glycosides: absintin and anabsintin, essential oils, vitamin C, tannins and other substances.

Applied in the form of tincture, infusion, tea, extract as bitterness to stimulate the appetite and enhance the activity of the digestive organs. Included in the composition of appetizing tea and bitter tincture.

Extract of wormwood thick (Extractum Absinthii spissum). Extraction of wormwood from the grass. Thick mass of dark brown color with fragrant wormwood smell, bitter taste; forms a cloudy solution with water

Tincture of wormwood (Tinctura Absinthii). Tincture (1: 5) 70% alcohol. The clear liquid is brownish-green, with a characteristic odor and a very bitter taste.

Product: in bottles of 25 ml.

A combined tincture is also produced, containing tincture of wormwood and peppermint, 10 ml each.

R p .: Irba Absinthii 100.0

DS Brew one teaspoon of chopped wormwood in 2 cups of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, strain and drink 1/4 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals

R p.: T-rae Absinthii 25 ml