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Description of the medicine: Chloroformium (Chloroformium)

CHLOROFORM (Chloroformium).


Synonyms: Chloroformium Anaesthesicum, Anesthetic Chloroform.

Colorless, transparent, heavy, mobile, volatile liquid with a characteristic smell and sweet burning taste. It is mixed in all proportions with anhydrous alcohol, ether, gasoline. Insoluble in water (1: 200). Density 1, 474 - 1, 483. The boiling point is +59 - 62 'C.

Chloroform is one of the first drugs offered as a means for anesthesia (general anesthesia). Since the middle of the last century until recently it was widely used in anesthesia practice. However, it has a high toxicity, can cause heart rhythm disturbances, dystrophic changes in the myocardium, cirrhosis and atrophy of the liver. In connection with the introduction into medicine of new means and methods of general anesthesia (see Means for anesthesia) in 1985, the drug chloroform for narcotics (Chloroformium pro narcosi) was excluded from the nomenclature of medicines.

At the same time, the drug "Chloroform", intended for external use, has been preserved in the nomenclature. Due to the irritating effect on the skin, this drug (usually mixed with methyl salicylate, turpentine and other agents) is used for rubbing with neuralgia, myositis. In rare cases, chloroform is prescribed in the form of drops in the case of vomiting, hiccup (mixed with valerian tincture), and also in the form of a special "Antifreeze mixture" with irritating airways in the respiratory tract.

Higher doses for adults: single 0.5 ml, daily 1 ml.

Product: in well-ukuporennyh orange glass bottles of 100 ml.

For anesthesia is not suitable (!).

Storage: List B. In a cool place.

Rp .: Chloroformii.

Ol. Helianthi aa 20 ml

Mf lin.

DS For rubbing the skin (with neuralgia)

Rp .: Chloroformii

Ol. Helianthi

Methylii salicylatis aa 15 ml

Mf linim.

DS For rubbing the skin

Rp .: Chloroformii 2 ml

T-rae Valerianae

Spiritus aethylici 95% aa 10 ml

MDS 20 drops per reception (with vomiting)

Rp .: Chloroformii

Spiritus aethylici 95%; aa 20 ml

Aetheris aethylici 10 ml

Liq. Ammonii caustici gtt. V

MDS For inhalation. For 15 - 20 drops per cotton swab (with irritation of the respiratory tract irritating arsins, the so-called "Anti-smoke mixture")

Liniment chloroform complex (Linimentum chlorophreni commopotum) contains 50 g of chloroform and bleached oil (or dope).

Transparent oily liquid of greenish-yellow color with the smell of chloroform. Applied for grinding.

Product: in glass bottles of 25 ml.

Storage: in a cool, dark place.