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Description of the medicine: Viprosal (Viprosalum)

Viprosal (Viprosalum).

An ointment containing giurza poison (16 mouse units of action - MED '- per 100 g of ointment) with the addition of camphor, salicylic acid, fir oil, petrolatum, glycerin, paraffin, emulsifier, water.

A creamy mass of white or slightly yellow in color with a specific smell of camphor and fir oil.

Appoint externally for rheumatic pains, neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, myositis, etc. Apply 5 to 10 g to painful places and rub it dry 1 to 2 times a day.

When using Viprosal, like other similar drugs, local allergic reactions are possible, disappearing after their cancellation or the appointment of anti-allergic drugs.

Contraindications: allergy, pustular skin diseases, damage to the skin at the site of application.

Release form: in tubes on 25 and 50 g.

Storage: in a cool place.
`1 MED corresponds to the activity of 0.11 mg of gyurza venom.

Ointment "Viprosal V" (Unguentum "Viprosalum B"). It differs in composition from the Viprosal ointment in that instead of the poison of gyurza it contains the venom of the ordinary viper (5 mouse units of action - MED`).
`1 MED corresponds to the activity of 0.0776 mg of venom of the viper vulgaris.