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Description of the medicine: Sea kale (Laminaria saccharina)


Laminaria saccharina (Laminaria saccharina).

Seaweed, sem. kelp. It occurs in the form of mass thickets along the Far Eastern coast of our country, in the White and Black Seas. It contains iodide and bromide salts, alginates (calcium salts of alginic acids), mannitol, laminarine polysaccharide, vitamin C and other substances.

For medical purposes, they are produced in the form of a powder - small dark gray flakes with a peculiar smell and brackish taste or in the form of granules.

It is mainly used as a mild laxative in chronic atonic constipation. The laxative effect is associated with the ability of the drug to swell strongly and, increasing in volume, cause irritation of the receptors of the intestinal mucosa. In connection with the content of iodine salts, seaweed is indicated as a laxative for chronic constipation in individuals with atherosclerosis.

Assign 1/2 - 1 teaspoon 1 time per day. With prolonged use and increased sensitivity to iodine, iodism phenomena are possible.

Contraindicated in nephritis, hemorrhagic diathesis and other conditions in which iodine preparations are contraindicated.

Release form: powder in boxes on 180 g.