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Description of the medicine: Catergen (Catergen)

KATERGEN (Catergen) *.

Tetraoxy-5, 7, 3 ', 4'-flavonol-Z.

Synonyms: Cyanidanol, Ansoliver, Clanidanol, Cianidol, Hepanorm, Transepar, etc.

It belongs to the group of natural flavonoids and in chemical structure is very close to quercetin and rutin, as well as to silibinin.

It is used as a “hepatoprotective” agent for improving liver function in patients with viral hepatitis, with compensated liver cirrhosis of viral etiology, chronic liver damage of alcoholic etiology (moderate degree), and other toxic liver lesions.

It is believed that the mechanism of hepatoprotective action is due to the binding of toxic free radicals and stabilization of cell membranes and lysosomes (which is also characteristic of other flavonoids).

Assign inside before or during meals, 1 tablet (0.5 g) 3 times a day. Apply for a long time (course duration of about 3 months).

Possible side effects: heaviness in the stomach, heartburn, urge to vomit.

Release form: pink tablets of 0.5 g in a package of 40 pieces.