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Description of the medicine: Asperase (Asperasa)

ASPErase (Asperasa).

Enzymatic proteolytic drug.

The amorphous powder is light brown in color with a grayish tint, with a faint characteristic odor.

With superficial use, it lyses necrotic and purulent deposits; it is used in the form of ointment to cleanse from necrotic masses of purulent wounds, carbuncles, burns, pressure sores, etc.

Apply the ointment with a thin layer on the affected areas; impose a moisture barrier. Change the bandage daily, removing softened necrotic masses; for burns, dressings are changed 1 time in 3 to 4 days.

The application of ointment to bleeding wounds and decaying tumors is contraindicated.

Release form: asperase ointment (Unguentum asperasi) - 2% ointment (white with a light brown tint and a faint characteristic odor) in aluminum tubes of 15 or 25 g.

Storage: in a dry, dark place at a temperature of + 2 to + 10 'C.