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Medication Description: Penicillinase (Penicillinasum)

PENICILLINASE (Penicillinasum).

Synonym: Neutropen.

An enzyme produced by certain types of microorganisms.

White amorphous odorless powder. Easily soluble in water, hygroscopic. Contains at least 50,000 IU in 1 mg. Per 1 U is taken the smallest amount of the drug that can inactivate 10 -7 moles (about 60 IU) of benzylpenicillin in 1 ml of phosphate buffer for 1 h at a temperature of 37 'C.

It has a specific ability to inactivate benzylpenicillin and other penicillins sensitive to this enzyme. The drug after the administration has a quick effect: it lasts for a long time (4 days) in the body and during this time it can have an inactivating effect.

Applied with acute allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock caused by drugs of the penicillin group (see).

Enter intramuscularly in a dose of 1 000 000 IU immediately after the onset of an allergic reaction. If urticaria or dermatitis do not subside after 2 days, re-enter the same dose of the drug (no more than 3 injections at intervals of 2 days).

Repeated administration is necessary only with an ongoing allergic reaction, which is more common with the use of prolonged action of penicillins (bicillins, etc.) [It is advisable to inject penicillinase into the injection site of the prolonged drug penicillin.].

In anaphylactic shock, penicillinase (1,000,000 U) is administered immediately after removing the patient from the state of asphyxiation and collapse by means generally accepted in these cases.

For intramuscular injection, dilute the contents of the ampoule or vial in 2 ml of water for injection or isotonic sodium chloride solution.

Penicillinase with repeated administration may cause sensitization of the body and allergic complications, and therefore it should not be used more than 3 times per course of treatment. It is necessary to appoint drug only at the allergic reactions caused by penicillins (but not other drugs). Penicillinase should not be used for the treatment of occupational allergic diseases in persons engaged in the production of penicillin preparations or working with them for a long time (The drug is used in people of this category in case of acute allergic complications in the case of penicillin treatment).

Repeated injections of penicillinase are contraindicated in case of intolerance to the drug and hypersensitivity to it.

Product: in hermetically sealed vials or in ampoules of 500,000 and 1,000,000 U.

Store at room temperature.