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Description of the medicine: Befol (Befolum)

BEFOL (Befolum). 4. Chloro-N- (3-morpholinopropyl) benzamide hydrochloride.

Crystalline powder, white and creamy white. Easily soluble in water and alcohol. The structure has elements of similarity with metoclopramide (see) and sulpiride (see).

Befol is an antidepressant - an MAO inhibitor of type A reversible action.

Like other antidepressants of this type of action (see Pyrazidol), it increases the content of neurotransmitter monoamines in the central nervous system, has an antireserpine effect, and potentiates the effect of phenamine.

Assign to adults with depression of various etiologies (endogenous depression with manic-depressive psychosis and various forms of schizophrenia; senile and involutional depression; reactive and neurotic depression, etc., depression in patients with chronic alcoholism). Befol is used for shallow depression with neurosis-like and mildly pronounced hypochondriacal symptoms.

Assign inside (after eating), intravenously (drip or stream) or intramuscularly. Inside take 2 times a day for 30 - 50 mg (up to 100 - 150 mg). Daily dose - up to 400 mg. In order to avoid sleep disturbance, the second dose should be no later than 18 hours.

In case of prolonged and resistant depression, treatment begins with intravenous administration of the drug drip (40-60 drops per minute) or jet (for 1 to 2 minutes). For drip administration, the daily dose of behol is dissolved in 250 - 500 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution or 5% glucose solution. Treatment begins with 50 mg, and then the dose is increased to 200 - 250 mg. With intramuscular administration of befol, single doses can be 10 - 25 mg, daily - 20 - 50 mg.

The use of befola can cause a decrease in blood pressure, the appearance of a headache, a feeling of heaviness in the head. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the dose of the drug. An increase in anxiety and irritability is also possible. To prevent these phenomena or to eliminate them, befol should be combined with antipsychotics and tranquilizers.

Befol is contraindicated in acute inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, liver, poisoning with narcotic, sleeping pills and analgesic drugs, as well as during acute alcohol withdrawal.

Method of release: tablets of 10 mg (0.01 g) and 25 mg (0.025 g) of white color in a package of 50 pieces; 0.25% solution in ampoules of 2 ml.

Storage: List B.

The chemical structure and action of befol is close to the foreign drug Moclobemide.