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Description of the drug: Ringer-Locke solution (Solutio Natrii chloridi composita)

RINGER-LOCKA SOLUTION (Solutio Natrii chloridi composita; Solutio Ringer-Locke).

Ingredients: sodium chloride 9 g, sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride and potassium chloride 0.2 g, glucose 1 g, water for injection up to 1 l.

Ringer-Locke solution has a more "physiological" composition than isotonic sodium chloride solution.

Indications for use and doses are the same as for isotonic sodium chloride solution.

The solution is prepared, if necessary, ex tempore in compliance with all the conditions necessary for the preparation of injection solutions.

Tablets Ringer - Locke- (Tabulettae Ringer - Locke).

Ingredients: sodium chloride 0.6 g, potassium chloride 0.02 g; calcium chloride 0.02 g, sodium bicarbonate 0.01 g, glucose 0.1 g

Tablets white, salty taste; soluble in water.

In terms of composition, they correspond to (when 1 tablet is dissolved in 100 ml of water) physiological saline for cold-blooded animals and are intended for experimental work; are also used for the preparation of mixtures.

Form release: tablets in glass tubes of 10 pieces.

Storage: in a dry place.