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In sound mind and solid memory: 4 scientific ways to prolong the youth of the brain

С помощью этих четырех упражнений ты не потеряешь ясность мышления до самой старости!

Memory is a general designation of a set of cognitive abilities and higher mental functions related to the accumulation, preservation and reproduction of knowledge, skills. Memory in various forms and types is inherent in all higher animals. All animals inherited the ability to remember and learn from a common ancestor who lived about 600 million years ago. The most developed level of memory is characteristic of humans. Memory refers to the main cognitive processes, such as sensation, perception and thinking, attracting more attention of researchers.

It’s a sad fact, if you don’t give the brain the necessary load every day, you will simply forget how to think. Just as the muscles of the body dry out without training, the mind becomes old, decrepit and does not want to perform the usual mental tasks. Do not despair! Scientists claim that regular exercises for memory and attention accelerate the growth of gray matter cells in the brain, help form new neural signals and create complex functional connections between individual brain structures.

We have selected several proven methods for maintaining clarity of mind, strengthening memory and, possibly, for discovering new amazing abilities. Now it will be something to fill the waiting time in the queue, a trip in transport or a commercial break on TV!

Exercises for developing memory

Colored words

С помощью этих четырех упражнений ты не потеряешь ясность мышления до самой старости!

The picture shows words written in different colors. It is necessary to pronounce aloud not the word itself, but the color by which it is written. When you reach the end of the text, repeat the exercise in the reverse order.

Not an easy task, right? The fact is that your right hemisphere is trying to name the color, and the left makes you pronounce the word.

Thus, you train both hemispheres of the brain, helping to establish new connections between them, train concentration skills and change the object of attention.

This technique helps prevent Alzheimer's.

Schulte table

С помощью этих четырех упражнений ты не потеряешь ясность мышления до самой старости!

A great simulator of peripheral vision, attention and reading speed!

During the exercise, the Schulte table should be at a distance of about 30–35 cm from the eyes, as when reading a book.

Focus on the numbers in the center to cover the entire table. Try not to look around the table.

Find the numbers in increasing order from 1 to 25, without gaps and as quickly as possible, trying not to pronounce them out loud.

It is very important not to take your eyes off the center and look for numbers only with peripheral vision.

Beginners complete the task in a minute, but your goal is to find all the numbers in 10 seconds.

In this exercise, the main thing is not to find the numbers, but, looking at the center of the table, it is clear to see both the central and neighboring numbers around. Thanks to the entertaining table, you will train your angle and learn how to grab important information in the sea of ​​text.

Finger marks

С помощью этих четырех упражнений ты не потеряешь ясность мышления до самой старости!

You need to fold the fingers of your right hand, depicting them the symbol of "peace". And the fingers of the left hand in the sign "OK". Then change hands and do the exercise a few more times. After practicing folding your fingers on your hands separately, try to depict these characters simultaneously with both hands.

At first glance, it seems like there is nothing complicated. But you will immediately feel how difficult it is to synchronously do different actions with both hands. This exercise may seem like pampering, but in fact it helps a lot to increase concentration, attention and the ability to quickly switch from one task to another.

Two-handed writing

С помощью этих четырех упражнений ты не потеряешь ясность мышления до самой старости!

It is said that such well-known personalities as Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Paul McCartney, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Knopfler and Keanu Reeves, equally owned two hands. If you learn this technique, you can perfectly train your memory.

You need to take 2 sheets of paper and one pencil or pen in each hand. Start drawing geometric shapes, writing letters or words with both hands at the same time. Be sure to try to move your arms exactly the same way, otherwise there will be no sense from the exercise. This trick will teach your brain to perform several tasks at once quickly without losing quality.

In addition, try changing your hand when doing routine activities such as brushing your teeth, shaving, combing your hair, and applying creams. If you use your right hand, then begin to carry out part of the actions with your left. Soon you will notice how quickly and easily you can switch from one case to another.

С помощью этих четырех упражнений ты не потеряешь ясность мышления до самой старости!

You can do something with your eyes closed, not only figuratively, but also literally. This is a very powerful brain pumping and new sensations. In everyday life, we all perform many automatic actions that we don’t even think about. Try taking a shower, washing dishes by touch, or lace up shoes with your eyes closed.

Change your usual travel routes to activate your memory. We wrote that the brain likes foods rich in phosphorus (dark chocolate, red fish, egg yolk, almonds, dairy products), potassium (bananas, avocados, sprouted wheat, oranges) and magnesium (peanuts, seeds, soy, products from whole grains).

Remember: in order to remain a young soul and body in adulthood, first of all, you need to take care of your mind and develop the right attitude in life. If you care about what your intellectual abilities will be in the future, make a habit of doing exercises for the brain and memory right now.

Be sure to tell family and friends about brain gymnastics in order to teach them the effective prevention of senile dementia!

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