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Is it possible to heat food in a bag?

Можно ли класть целлофановый пакет в микроволновку?

A microwave oven (also a microwave oven; obsolete. Microwave; razg. Microwaves) is an electrical appliance that uses the phenomenon of heating water-containing substances with electromagnetic radiation of the decimeter range (usually with a frequency of 2.450 GHz) and is intended for quick cooking, heating or thawing of food.

Plastic bag - a bag made of polyethylene (plastic film) used to carry and store things and materials.

Some foods can be reheated without removing the plastic bag. There are special marks on such products and on such packaging. However, it is important to remember that when heated, no matter how safe the packaging is, a certain amount of substances still enters the food. This figure is negligible, but with prolonged use, harmful substances still accumulate in the body and can cause all kinds of diseases.

Is it possible to heat food in polyethylene (bag)?
Is it possible to heat food in polyethylene (bag)?

According to the specialists of the NPC of hygiene, nothing terrible will happen to the body if such a case was single. However, if heating in polyethylene becomes a habit, harmful substances will begin to accumulate in the body and there will be a certain risk of their toxic effects on humans.

It is possible to heat food and use plastic bags to prepare it in the microwave, but this should be a special cellophane provided for microwave ovens. For example, oven-baked cellophane sleeves are also suitable for microwave ovens: this is indicated by the markings on their packaging.

But you should not reheat and cook food in standard plastic packaging: when heated, the packaging releases toxic substances that enter the food and may even melt. In addition, food placed in a sealed plastic bag in a microwave oven may explode, staining the microwave.

The basic rule of preparing and heating food in a plastic bag specially designed for ovens is that a small amount of water be present in the bag, while it is not sealed, and the cooking process is not designed for a long period of time.

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