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What should not be placed in the microwave?

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

A microwave oven (also a microwave oven; obsolete. Microwave; razg. Microwaves) is an electrical appliance that uses the phenomenon of heating water-containing substances with electromagnetic radiation of the decimeter range (usually with a frequency of 2.450 GHz) and is intended for quick cooking, heating or thawing of food.

Curiosity and passion for all kinds of experiments can cost you a lot - in every sense of the word “expensive” - both for your health and for the equipment that you use every day.

The microwave oven has long become an integral part of the life of every housewife. Despite all its versatility, there are certain products and items that should not be heated in a microwave oven to extend its useful life and maintain its health.

Foil (this applies to any metal objects or metal elements in principle)

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

Who doesn’t like when something sparkles beautifully? This is a bewitching sight.

But not in the case when this spectacle takes place behind the window of your microwave.

It would seem - how so? After all, the inner surface of your furnace is also made of metal.

The metal of the inner surface acts like a mirror - reflects microwaves.

The foil also reflects, but it heats up very much and begins to sparkle cheerfully and fervently, which can be dangerous not only for the furnace itself, but also for yourself.

Paper bags \ glasses, bags, newspapers

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

Who did not cook popcorn in the microwave - in vain bought a microwave. Semi-finished in paper bags can be found in almost any supermarket.

So why can they be put in the microwave, but other paper bags not?

Everything is simple - the matter is a special paper coating that absorbs waves and does not allow the package to heat up.

If the package does not have such coverage, then in the microwave you can expect an exciting fire-show with poisonous fumes that smoothly turns into a 3D fire-show - that is, your entire home may well become one big fire-show.

“Where are the poisonous fumes from?” You ask. We will answer - do you know what paper the bag was made of? Or what is the paint that the image or text on it consists of? That's the same ...

“Note from the author: cardboard is also paper!”

Paper and cellophane bags and newspapers should not be placed in the microwave oven, as they can catch fire and release toxic substances.


Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

Especially transparent.

With intense heating, all the “trays” and “containers” we beloved emit harmful substances.

Especially transparent.

These substances have a bad effect on the endocrine system, and it will certainly come in handy for you - whole and healthy.

So do not reheat food in plastic containers or bags.

Especially transparent.

Foam (polystyrene) containers

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

One word is melting. Moreover, it manifests itself in two forms: the first - the container begins to “thaw”, releasing toxins directly into your food.

Do you want something with foam sauce? Unlikely. The second - the container can melt from the temperature of your food and "melt" through.

In short, nothing good will come of warming up in such a bowl with your food, but rather the opposite. It will happen, but certainly not good.

Nevertheless, as in the case of travel glasses, there are containers that you can use in the microwave - look for notes.

Travel cups \ glasses

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

They are made of metal and plastic. That is, by warming something in such a cup, you simultaneously endanger the cup / glass itself, your microwave, and yourself.

Well, the coffee itself (we can’t see from here what exactly you were going to heat up there: suppose that it is, after all, coffee) ruin it.

Just in case, re-read points 1 and 3 in order to realize the full degree of risk.

There are, of course, special cases: look for the label “microwave safe” on the glass / cup itself or on the package \ in the documentation from it.

If there is such a mark - feel free to put your glass / cup in the microwave.


Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

Here, probably, the author appears as “Captain Evidence” for most readers, but it’s simply impossible not to warn about it, since the unique ones who are going to “slightly dry” their favorite T-shirt are, oddly enough, located.

There is logic, of course, in this: the microwave heats everything. Heats - means dries. The shirt is wet. If heated, it will be dry. Guided by the same logic, you can dry things in a fire. Not “above the fire”, but precisely “in the fire”. Synthetics - it melts in a fascinating way (mourning march in the microwave + fire hazard), cotton - readily and cheerfully burns (the same thing, plus the prospect of a 3D fire-show).


Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

Old as the world, but relevant. Explosions are also a fascinating sight, but not in your microwave. Plus, cleaning the consequences of such an opportunity is not a pleasant occupation, we assure you.

“The author knows this firsthand, but on his bitter experience of the first interaction with the outlandish“ for those times ”microwave oven.”

And it’s also not worth joking with friends and acquaintances. After this, they will cease to be your friends and acquaintances.

“Author’s note: eggs are meant not only chicken, but also ostrich, quail, crocodiles, turtles - in general, all-all-all ...”

Spicy pepper

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

“Once, the author of this article mistakenly froze a jalapeno. With a dozen peppers. They all froze into one indestructible conglomerate. But they urgently needed to be used for one dish of Mexican cuisine. What to do? Right - defrost quickly in the microwave. ”

When you put hot pepper in the microwave, it begins to release all its "sharpness" directly into the air. Guess what happens when you open the door?

We will not wait until you want to check and answer. It looks like a pepper spray. From which you are sprayed right in the face.

“The pepper was hopelessly spoiled, the mood, too, and with it the eyes of the author for the next couple of hours.”

In general, do not cook, heat, or thaw hot peppers in the microwave. Never.

Frozen food

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

Frozen pieces of meat are quite difficult to thaw in a microwave: thin edges begin to bake, and the middle remains icy.

This uneven distribution of heat promotes the growth of harmful bacteria inside the meat. Thawing fruits and berries in the microwave can lead to the conversion of beneficial glucoside into a carcinogen.

Defrosting vegetables also lose nutrients and vitamins.

For example, if broccoli is heated in the microwave, this healthy vegetable loses 97% of all its healthy elements.

And garlic is left without its super useful qualities after heating in a microwave oven. And anti-cancer properties as it never happened!

Capsaicin - the active ingredient in hot pepper - evaporates under the influence of high temperature from microwaves, and the resulting steam is very harmful.

Therefore, in order to get a healthy dish, nutritionists recommend defrosting food on the shelves of the refrigerator, putting them out of the freezer in advance.

Baby food

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

This primarily concerns expressed breast milk - it becomes toxic under the influence of microwaves.

If you need to warm up the milk a little while not killing the immunoglobulins inside it, then it is better to use the traditional method - heat it under running hot water or in a water bath.

Studies have shown that heating baby food in a microwave oven due to uneven heating can harm a baby.

In addition, high temperature heating destroys nutrients, which significantly reduces the usefulness of products.

Fresh Greens, Fruits

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

Drying fresh herbs in the microwave is a bad idea.

These herbs contain very little liquid, and if you overexpose them a little, a fire can occur.

Some fruits, such as grapes, can explode in the microwave. Raisins may start to smoke.


Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

There is an opinion that if you put the sponge in the microwave and warm it for 30 seconds, all the microbes that have settled on it will be destroyed.

But it’s better not to experiment.

Unpleasant smell and the possibility of fire - weighty arguments to abandon this idea.

Nothing but food and drink!

Предметы, которые нельзя класть в микроволновую печь

A microwave is designed to heat your food or drink. And that is all. No experimenting needed.

As practice shows, such good things do not end with anything good. We assure you, if you listen to these tips, then your technique, and health will be much more intact.

Let your equipment serve you long and safe!