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Scientists named the best natural antibiotics

Природные антибиотики

Antibiotics (from ancient Greek. Ἀντί "against" + βίος "life") are substances that inhibit the growth of living cells, most often prokaryotic or protozoa. For the first time, antibiotics were synthesized during the Second World War, in parallel experiments by the works of participating countries, including the USA, Germany, and the USSR.

Natural antibiotics are most often produced by actinomycetes, less often by non-mycelial bacteria. Can also be obtained from higher plants (phytoncides) and living organisms.

An international team of scientists has listed herbal antibiotics, which are much more effective than the corresponding drugs!

Scientists have made a sensational statement - antibiotics in the form of tablets can be completely replaced with natural products - plant antibiotics, which are much more effective chemical analogues, writes " Orthodox ".

In modern science and in documents (WHO and other organizations) the name "antibiotics" is not used, instead it is used the more correct name of this group of drugs - "antimicrobial agents."

Some antibiotics - bactericides (bacteria + lat. Caedo "kill") - have a strong inhibitory effect on the growth and reproduction of bacteria and at the same time do little or no damage to the cells of the microorganism, and therefore are used as medicines.

Antibiotics do not usually affect viruses and therefore are not useful in the treatment of diseases caused by viruses (for example, influenza, hepatitis A, B, C, chicken pox, herpes, rubella, measles). However, a number of antibiotics, primarily tetracyclines, also act on large viruses.

Natural antibiotics

An international team of scientists listed herbal antibiotics, which are much more effective than the corresponding drugs. The list of useful products and substances that can cure a sick person and provide the patient with everything necessary during the period of illness included a solution of colloidal silver , grapefruit seeds , propolis , garlic , echinacea , and vitamin C.

Of the less popular helpers to fight infections that have natural antibiotic properties, experts have identified an extract from the leaves of olive , oregano oil and astragalus plant growing in China. All natural antibiotics have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as increase the production of interferon.

International experts claim that all these products will help to heal literally from any disease with proper use. It is noteworthy that only one solution of colloidal silver will help to destroy representatives of 650 species of bacteria. At the same time, he himself does not contain toxins dangerous for humans.

Garlic, propolis and echinacea are more likely to strengthen the immune system, rather than cure diseases. But grapefruit seeds have a mass of various useful qualities. In addition, the bones of this citrus fruit are not only useful for humans - they can heal even pets that have fallen asleep.

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