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Do not talk badly about anyone, negative energy always comes back

Негатив всегда возвращается

The principle or basis, beginning, origin (lat. Principium, Greek. Αρχή, literally, the first) is a postulate, statement, on the basis of which scientific theories and laws are created, legal documents, choose standards of behavior in society.

As a fundamental statement both in Newtonian mechanics and in Einstein's Theory of Relativity, the principle of relativity is used. In everyday life, people are guided by principles (or, according to other values) when choosing their behavior or reaction to a particular social phenomenon or norm, for example, the principle of gender equality dictates how an individual should treat the rights of women and men. Scientists, engineers use the principles as an aid in assessing the surrounding reality, for example, the principle of Occam indicates that the explanation of the phenomenon should not include too many new ideas and entities, and the principles of Murphy dictate to engineers not to increase the number of critical parts in the mechanism. In philosophy, instead of the word principle, the special term “razor” is often used.

In the modern understanding of the concept of the principle is often identified with the concepts of whim, stubbornness, self-indulgence. A person can act “from principle” not in the way that everyone did. For example, everyone in a cold weather dress warmly, and this “out of principle” went outside in a T-shirt. Naturally, there is no principle. This should be interpreted rather as a particle of colloquial speech, rather than an appropriately used term. This expression bears the coloring of stubbornness and contradiction, which is characteristic of the "principle" as a subject of philosophical discussion.

The presence of life principles is very important - for every person, writes Stiri Actuale . As long as you do what you believe, your conscience is clear, your mind and soul are in harmony.

What principles are universal for all people?


Wake up with the sun and pray. Pray in private. Do this as often as possible. You hear. Just talk about what's in your heart.


Be patient. Ignorance, pride, anger, jealousy drain the soul. Pray for the dead, for them to finally find peace.


Try to be an open person. Do not let anyone control you. You yourself know perfectly well what you want.


Treat guests with attention and honor. Treat them to the best food, surround them with comfort, treat them with respect.


Do not take what does not belong to you.


Respect all that nature has created - other people, animals and plants.


Respect the opinions and principles of other people. Do not interrupt the interlocutor, do not play games, do not be rude and arrogant. Respect the right of all people to freedom of speech.


Do not tell people nasty things, do not water them with dirt - because you yourself get dirty. All the negative energy that you send to the Universe will definitely return to you.


Everyone makes mistakes. This is normal. There is nothing to forgive. Nobody is perfect.


Because of negative thoughts, the mind, body, spirit suffers. Try to look at the world optimistically.


Nature is our mother. Animals, plants and all other living things - part of the "family".


Children are our future. Raise them in love, fill with wisdom, teach what is useful to them in life. Know how to let go of children. When the time comes, give them room to grow.


Do not harm other people. The boomerang law works — even if you don't believe in it.


Do not lie, be honest - in front of you and in front of others. The universe tests your sincerity and honesty. She generously rewards the noblest.


Aim for harmony. May your soul be as beautiful as your body. Grow spiritually, engage in self-development.


Make your own decisions. Take responsibility for your actions.


Respect the privacy of others.


Do not seek to make everyone happy, to change the whole world. Start first from yourself. Otherwise you will fail.


Do not impose your faith on other people.


Share what you have with others. Do more charity work.