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Unobvious rules for buying products, which only specialists know about

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

Everyone knows that when you buy products you need to look at the expiration date. However, as practice shows, this alone is very small - you need to pay attention to other, sometimes not very obvious things.

The editors of studied tips on what to look for when you go to the store, and share the rules of buying products with you.

The shelf life depends on the product category

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

How the expiration date of the goods on the label is indicated depends on how long it can be stored.

So, on products with a shelf life of up to 72 hours, the time, day and month should be indicated.

On products stored from 72 hours to 30 days - day, month and year.

And finally, on the product, whose expiration date is calculated in months, is the month and year.

Wrong price tags

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

If the amount indicated in the check is too different from your calculations, do not hesitate to look again at the cost of the goods in the display case.

Often sellers simply forget to remove the wrong price tag and you buy the product is not at the price you expected.

GOST does not guarantee the quality

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

Modern GOSTs often do not regulate the amount of these or other ingredients in the same sausage or sausages, but only indicate a certain content of salt or protein.

In addition, the inscription "GOST" can only indicate that according to it only the package was made, and not the product contained in it.

Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers write GOSTs, as they say, at random, misleading the buyer.

However, there are those who strictly follow the approved standards and produce a truly high-quality product.

Goods with expired shelf life are not allowed to be sold

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

Often you can find in stores a product with a large discount, the expiration date of which expired yesterday.

Despite the fact that with proper storage, the goods most likely did not come into disrepair, it is illegal to sell it in stores.

Storage conditions are not less important than the expiration date

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

Even if the expiration date of the goods has not expired, it is necessary to pay attention to the storage conditions written on its label.

If they are not respected, then even the goods that are not overdue can become unsuitable for food.

When buying a product stored in a refrigerator or freezer, pay attention to the temperature inside them.

It is indicated either on the refrigerator display, or on an alcohol thermometer lying on one of the shelves.

Perishable products must be locally produced

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

When buying a product with a short shelf life, you need to pay attention to the place of its production: the closer it is to the store, the more likely it is to buy a fresh and high-quality product.

Organic or natural product?

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

As you know, the cost of organic products is noticeably higher than natural products.

The inscription "organic", guaranteeing that GMO, synthetic pesticides and other non-natural substances and animal feeds were not used in production, also says that the manufacturer has passed a special certification.

Natural products, too, are usually produced without all of the above - often the only difference is that the manufacturer has not yet received the appropriate certificate.

Date of production or date of packaging?

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

Selling goods sliced ​​in the store, sellers sometimes go to the tricks and instead of the date of manufacture of the product put on the label the date of cutting.

Of course, stores are required to indicate on the labels what date they are marked, but in practice this does not always work.

Therefore, if there are any doubts, it is worth asking the seller for documents on this product.

The shelf life of frozen products does not guarantee the quality

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

Frozen frozen foods, such as vegetables or cutlets, say that they have been repeatedly thawed and frozen, and therefore not suitable for eating .

The label is an important document

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

The label should not only contain complete information on the composition of the product, its nutritional value, shelf life, but also information about its manufacturer.

And it should be not only the legal address of the company that produces this or that product, but also the address of the actual production of products.

In addition, all dates must be clearly and clearly written - if the numbers are vague, then most likely they have been changed, and perhaps more than once.

Discounts for goods with expiring shelf life

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

Often in stores make big discounts on the product, the expiration date of which ends tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

You can buy such products, but you should pay attention to the conditions of their storage , and immediately use them for food.

The 12-hour rule for prepackaged goods and salads

Правила покупки качественных продуктов

And one more rule for meat, cheese and fish cuts, made in stores: the time of their realization is no more than 12 hours from the moment of packaging.

The same goes for ready-made salads!

Still, according to the law of Ukraine, it is forbidden to sell salad dressed with mayonnaise .

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