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When you start to respect yourself, a lot of things change in life

Уважай себя и жизнь изменится

Respect - recognition of high status, respectful attitude towards someone or anything, based on a true recognition of the merits, merits, personal qualities, unique features.

Respect is to take into account the interests of another person, to observe an acceptable format of communication and interaction for him, to voluntarily act according to his rules. Women are not averse to talking about respect, but to a woman, love is more important than respect. Similarly, a man is pleased to feel that he is loved, but it is humiliating to understand that he is not respected. Respect is more important to man than love.

wiki Respect, Respect, action according to the meaning of the verb Respect - reverence, spiritual gratitude of one’s merits, appreciate someone, something.

Respect is one of the most important requirements of morality, implying such an attitude towards people in which the dignity of an individual is practically recognized (in appropriate actions, motives, as well as in the social conditions of society). A synonym for respect is the words prestige, authority. The concept of respect prevailing in the moral consciousness of society implies: justice, equality of rights, perhaps fuller satisfaction / consideration of the interests of people, respect for the opinions of others, provision / ensuring of their freedoms; trust in them, careful attitude to their beliefs, aspirations; sensitivity, politeness, delicacy, modesty, and violation of the requirement of respect is distrust, violence, oppression, injustice, suppression of freedoms, inequality, humiliation, rudeness. However, the meaning invested in all these concepts that make up respect and disrespect is determined by the nature of society and its inherent social relations.

According to Kant, respect establishes the norm of human relations even more than sympathy. Only on the basis of respect can mutual understanding appear. The concepts of “respect” were analyzed by the philosophers Immanuel Kant, Martin Buber and Emmanuel Levinas.

1. Your relationship with yourself is improving.

The moment you start taking care of yourself - physically, emotionally, mentally, you stop communicating with people who add negative emotions and feelings to your life.

2. You begin to love yourself.

You stop looking for love to fill your void and instead fill it with love and self-gratitude.

Уважай себя и жизнь изменится

3. You release toxic people ..

A random attachment that only destroys you.

The person you love and care does not push you forward.

This is a relationship that is emotionally abusive.

The person to whom you give everything possible, but he does not answer you.

Sometimes the most difficult, but the most important thing is to cut out certain people!

4. You become happier.

There is simply less drama that you have to deal with, because you prefer to move away from situations that are negative and do not cause you ultimate happiness.

5. Your relationship is improving.

Whether it's goals or your career, when you connect with people who are like-minded people - positive and focused, you get better.

Уважай себя и жизнь изменится

6. You attract quality people.

You used to be able to devote time to those who gave you a moment of attention, but now you are aware of the value of your time, and you do not want to spend it on someone who is worthless.

You stop responding to anyone.

7. You begin to truly fight for yourself and what you believe in.

When you start believing in yourself, you stop believing in the negativity or doubts of others.

They may say things that are negative and unkind, but you finally stopped listening.

You hold on to yourself, and if they do not change you, you leave!

8. You become more confident.

Confidence radiates in all parts of your life.

You look at yourself in the mirror and you do not see your faults; instead, a voice tells you that you should admire yourself.

Уважай себя и жизнь изменится

9.You stop explaining.

If you make a choice that makes you happy, you don’t have to explain to anyone why you made this choice.

10. You stop apologizing.

When you are confident in the choice you make, you do not need to apologize for it.

Yes, you apologize when you make a mistake, but you stop apologizing for small things, such as being yourself.

11. You stop waiting.

You stop believing lies and excuses.

You let go of anyone who lies to you.

12. You are no longer jealous.

In the past, you may have compared yourself to others.

But now you know that the only person you compete with is the one who looks at you in the mirror.