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Retardation of aging: old age begins with a signal from the brain! It is important to maintain the psychological age

Замедлители старения

Human aging, like the aging of other organisms, is a biological process of gradual degradation of parts and systems of the human body and the consequences of this process. While the physiology of the aging process is analogous to the physiology of aging of other mammals, some aspects of this process, for example, loss of mental ability, are of greater importance to humans. In addition, psychological, social and economic effects are of great importance.

Everyone has long realized that the so-called passport age has nothing to do with biological age. In women, this is best traced. You probably noticed that some women in 30 already look at 50, and some 60-year-olds can compete with attractive girls with age 25. But why does this happen?

Researchers argue that the key role in the issue of longevity is played completely not by genetics and not by means of maintaining youth. It is the brain that determines the speed of our aging.

Socio-psychological age

Замедлители старения

There is a concept of a person's psychological age. It is he who determines appearance and behavior, and completely depends on the processes of the brain. At the beginning of the XIX century, a man or a woman in the 35-40 years were considered to be deep old men. Because of the abundance of information and more employment, humanity as a whole began to live longer, which means it's time to recognize the changes in the age classification.

WHO has defined new age limits: today youth lasts from 25 to 44 years. So in 40 women are still girls, not the second grade, as many like to joke. Further, from 44 to 60 years, the modern person lives in middle age, from 60 to 75 years old, in the elderly, and only at the age of 75-90 years old age comes. Those who are over 90 years old are called long-livers.

Замедлители старения

But still not everyone succeeds in keeping the young body and face in the same 40 years, and even more so in 50 and 60. Remaining young soul and body in adulthood is primarily hampered by our psychology, internal attitudes and attitude to life. From them depends and external beauty. The main hypothesis, in the study of which spent billions of dollars, says: the speed of our aging depends on the brain.

This is easily proved. At the beginning of life our brain is very busy with the knowledge of the world, of ourselves, of knowledge and various conclusions. Consequently, the whole organism is included in these processes and works at the limit of possibilities. But as soon as the world becomes uninteresting, as soon as you cease to cognize, expand your competence, study, then old age begins immediately. Your brain and body no longer work actively. By the way, from here are various diseases like Alzheimer's.

Psychological aging is important in time to notice. There are 3 main indicators of it.


Attitude towards time

Замедлители старения

As soon as you have a feeling that all the best events in your life have already been, and for some other time has passed, then you began to grow old. Psychologically, the old man lives with memories, young with plans. Pessimism, a sense of hopelessness, lack of plans, endless grinding of memories - all these are indicators of psychological old age and catalysts of biological.

No wonder because in America people after 60 years enter the institutes, go to various courses. Everything new contributes to the brain and optimistic mood. So - of youth.


Замедлители старения

Psychological old age is directly related to self-pity: "At 50 I can not do what I did in 20 years. I will not allow myself to do a somersault or do not jump with a parachute. " With age, of course, we are placing more and more restrictions, which is related to physical data and responsibility (children, employees).

But with each period of life new opportunities open up. If it is difficult to do something physically, you can begin to develop more creative abilities.

Learn new languages, go hiking, visit new countries, organize different events. And many 20-year-olds will not be able to compete with you. Do not limit yourself, but look for opportunities.

Emotional stability

Замедлители старения

Modern science and millennial wisdom has proved that grateful and happy people live longer and look more beautiful. Stable psyche is the guarantee of youth. A person who knows how to calmly adapt to change and passes difficulties, not to take everything too close to heart and not to get stuck on the problem, will always be younger.

In cheerful people, facial creases are formed differently, they have fewer old wrinkles and they are more attractive externally.

To see good, have a sense of humor and thank life for every day lived - a pledge of psychological youth. This is due to a number of hormonal and neurochemical processes that occur in the brain.

Develop, rejoice in spite of everything, and most importantly, do not become attached to the year of birth in your passport! Many people stop working on themselves only because in 50, for example, it is not supposed to be done or late already. This is your life, your emotions, your body in the end. Nobody has the right to reproach you in anything.

Iological aging. Tell us in the comments, do you agree with this opinion. And also share an informative article with your friends in social networks!

It is your psychological state that determines the rate of biological aging. Tell us in the comments, do you agree with this opinion.

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