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Oral, Rectal, Tympanic temperature

Оральная температура, Ректальная температура, Тимпаническая температура

Body temperature - a complex indicator of the thermal state of the animal body, including humans. It is one of the main and oldest biomarkers.

Animals that are able to keep their temperature within narrow limits, regardless of the temperature of the environment, are called warm-blooded, or homoiothermal. To warm-blooded animals are mammals and birds. Animals lacking this ability are called cold-blooded, or poikilothermic. The maintenance of body temperature by the body is called thermoregulation.

In cold-blooded animals, body temperature differs little from the ambient temperature, and only with intense muscular activity in some species can it significantly exceed the surrounding temperature.

Oral temperature (Latin oris - mouth) is the temperature measured in the oral cavity.

Rectal temperature (Latin Rectum - rectum) is the temperature measured in the rectum.

Tympanic temperature - temperature in the ear canal. Measured by a special tympanic thermometer.

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