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Oral, Rectal, Tympanic temperature

Оральная температура, Ректальная температура, Тимпаническая температура

Body temperature is a complex indicator of the thermal state of the animal organism, including humans. It is one of the main and oldest biomarkers.

Animals that are able to maintain their temperature in a narrow range regardless of the temperature of the external environment are called warm-blooded, or homeothermic. Warm-blooded animals include mammals and birds. Animals deprived of this ability are called cold-blooded, or poikilothermic. Maintaining body temperature by the body is called thermoregulation.

In cold-blooded animals, body temperature differs little from the ambient temperature, and only with intensive muscular activity in some species can it significantly exceed the ambient temperature.

Oral temperature (lat. Oris - mouth) is the temperature measured in the oral cavity.

Rectal temperature (lat. Rectum - rectum) is the temperature measured in the rectum.

Tympanic temperature is the temperature in the ear canal. Measured by a special tympanic thermometer.

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