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Your thoughts shape fate - confirmed by physicists

Твои мысли формируют судьбу

The Law of Quantum Physics: You Always! Always! Without exception, get the result you expect!

Many people say: it is self-deception to rejoice in defeats and to thank for the disaster. That's bullshit. And they are right. But do their truths bring them happiness?

Most people respond to troubles in a standard way: irritation, aggression and negativity. A person begins to struggle with the situation, feeling resistance within himself. This is a fallacy: to believe that irritation can improve the situation.

What is the purpose of the negative? He has no purpose. On the contrary, irritation and aggression create even more negativity.

Scientists studying the quantum world say: the whole world is energy. All particles are simultaneously everywhere. This is called quantum uncertainty. This is a paradox. As long as there is no observer - man - the world does not exist. But this is a scientific fact.

All elementary particles change their state from a simple observation of them. That is, human expectations always affect the result of an experiment. Everyone is 100% right. You always first believe in something, and then find confirmation of your beliefs.

For example, you believe that there is not enough money. And it is true. You are constantly missing them. Or in this city it is impossible to find a good job. And you are right again. But next to you across the road live people who have enough money for everything. And they work at a good job. Why? They were lucky? Not.

The Law of Quantum Physics: You Always! Always! Without exception, get the result you expect!

If you do not agree with my point of view, you are 100% right. But your point of view brings you peace, clarity, joy? Does it help to easily meet all obstacles and playfully overcome them? If the answer is yes, I will be happy to learn from you. Fair.

Personal experience

When I injured my hand, I was desperate. Doctors told me that this is a disability. And I believed. And then I read about people who have restored themselves from a state of "mincemeat" after terrible injuries. And I believed that this is possible. Result: now my hand is absolutely healthy.

I have believed for 15 years that poverty is a sentence. He worked a lot and all wasted. And then he believed that I can easily achieve financial freedom, and everything worked out. I believed that life must be fought, and my world was dangerous, insidious and cruel. Now I believe: I am always protected. All for my happiness. My world cares about me. And so I say “Hurray !!!”

Every moment we make a choice. Every second we create our reality.

Every time something happens to you that you don’t want, you have a choice. You get to the quantum crossroads. And if you get angry, you turned the wrong way. You turned into an evil world.

If you like it there, all is well. If not, tell yourself: “Hurray !!!” Everything is fine. And welcome to reality! Reality is always kind and neutral. Only your thoughts, assessments color her.

When you sincerely rejoice in any experience, all your problems are solved by yourself. Even somehow unusual, not enough war. If you haven’t fought, fight. But personally, I like peace and quiet more.

Share your experience of oneness with life, I am sure you can help many people live happier and easier.

by Yuri Tokarev via