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Treatment of various diseases with plant food

Лечение болезней растительной пищей

Raw food diet (rarely a raw food diet) is a food system in which the use of any food that has undergone heat treatment (cooking, frying, baking, steaming and the like) is completely excluded

Dried foods without the addition of salts and seasonings (such as, for example, dried in the sun dried fruits) and cold pressed vegetable oils are equated, from the point of view of raw food eaters planning their diet, to raw food, that is, they are allowed to be consumed subject to strict raw food cereals (for example , raw buckwheat) can be consumed sprouted (germination is achieved by soaking the seeds in water for about a day, and then keeping in a humid air from one to several days)

The main argument in favor of a raw food diet, including temporary and moderate, is the desire to preserve the nutritional value of consumed foods

The rationale for raw food by the adherents of this diet as a constant norm of nutrition is based on the opinion that fried and cooked food (naturally absent in the wild), as well as milk of a different biological species and the like, and therefore raw, could not appear in the human food chain food is the most biologically natural

The editors of the site prepared information about eating exclusively raw food and the modes of its intake for various diseases.

Лечение болезней растительной пищей

Bioproducts (also organic products) - agricultural and food products manufactured without (or with less use) synthetic pesticides, synthetic mineral fertilizers, growth regulators, artificial food additives, as well as without the use of genetically modified products (GMOs) Introduction of "organic production ”leads to lower yields, longer production times and higher prices

In the processing and production of finished products - refining, mineralization and other methods that reduce the nutritional properties of the product, as well as the addition of artificial flavors, dyes (except those defined in the relevant standards) are prohibited

According to a meta-analysis of 12 scientific studies conducted in 2009, there is no evidence of a beneficial effect of organic food on health, nor evidence that there is a difference in nutritional value between organic food and food produced by traditional methods.

The productivity of organic farming as a whole is lower than intensive; switching to organic production is not recommended for developing countries; and continued population growth requires a rejection of the ideology of organic agriculture and the use of more pragmatic methods

With gout and urate diathesis

With gout and uric acid diathesis, especially during exacerbation, along with days of absolute starvation, so-called fruit or green days are of great benefit (on fruit days, 1-1.5 kg of apples or 1 kg of berries are often prescribed; on green days, food consists exclusively from raw salads and raw vegetables)

In patients who are continuously on the regimes of exclusively raw plant foods, uric acid in the blood decreases by 1-2 mg%

It should be remembered that in these cases it is necessary to exclude from the menu bean vegetables and some other products containing purine bases (sorrel, spinach, beet tops, etc.)

With obesity

With obesity, exclusively raw food, poor in sodium chloride, favors the loss of fluid by tissues (it is known that in obese tissues the body is distinguished by hydrophilicity); In addition, raw plant foods are very voluminous, low-calorie and quickly saturate.

These circumstances are very important, as many obese patients are accustomed to consuming large amounts of food.

In obesity, as well as in gout, fruit days are prescribed, in which the diet consists exclusively of raw fruits, however, some patients are more satisfied with a diet composed of fresh cucumbers (up to 20 cucumbers per day) than fruits; sometimes on such days we give the patient also fresh tomatoes

In cases when the patient does not tolerate such half-starved days, it is necessary to add salads of raw vegetables and herbs with a small amount of vegetable oil (20-30 g per day) - fruit-green days

If such a regimen causes weakness, you need to add 1-2 steep eggs a day to this diet: this is usually enough to satisfy hunger and fight weakness

In addition to half-starved fruit days, with obesity, you can prescribe a diet of raw plant foods without salt, but with vinegar

In these cases, all dishes from herbs and vegetables are prepared with a minimum amount of vegetable oil, so that it is possible to reduce calorie content; from the same considerations, fruits containing a large amount of sugar are excluded from such a menu: wine berries, dates, sweet prunes, sweet pears, dry and fresh grapes, as well as nuts and almonds.

The regimen of raw plant foods that fat, according to our observations, tolerate better than the so-called Karelian regime, consisting mainly of dairy dishes.

It should be noted, however, that those obese patients who have an abnormal cardiovascular system and who are not accustomed to consuming large amounts of herbs, vegetables and fruits, do not tolerate fruit-green days; they develop a sharp flatulence, "support" of the diaphragm, followed by a sharp difficulty in cardiac activity.

With diabetes

With diabetes, green or fruit days have long been used for therapeutic purposes.

There is no doubt that green days, in which food consists of raw greens with the addition of vegetable oil, often have a beneficial effect, especially in the period of acidosis

Instead of green days, you can assign fruit days, in which the food consists of sour apples, sour cherries and strawberries

We can recommend fruit days like fasting days, which some diabetics have to prescribe.

Recently, in the treatment of diabetes, plant foods are prescribed for a longer time, because after a longer period of eating exclusively raw plant foods, the carbohydrate's tolerance to the carbohydrate increases

It must be assumed that this beneficial effect is due to the very low calorie intake (starvation), the poverty of raw plant foods with fat and protein, and the richness of enzymes and other substances that favorably affect carbohydrate metabolism

Periodic inclusion of fruit, raw vegetables, generally fasting days, we consider necessary in the treatment of obese diabetics

For skin diseases

In case of skin diseases, when they are caused by metabolic disorders, autonomic nervous system dysfunction and allergic diathesis (pruritus, urticaria, chronic eczema, etc.), the appointment of these patients with exclusively raw food for 2-3 weeks gives sometimes a very good result.

Such patients must be thoroughly questioned about how they tolerate certain vegetables, certain berries, since some varieties of these products are often allergens that support this skin disease as a manifestation of an allergic state of the body

With diseases of the heart and blood vessels (arterial and venous)

In diseases of the heart and blood vessels (arterial and venous), a periodically prescribed regimen from raw plant foods has a beneficial effect, eliminating or preventing fluid retention in tissues; however, it should be borne in mind that when weakening the heart muscle, such regimes, if prescribed for a long time, can increase heart weakness due to insufficient protein intake

In general, when assigning fasting days or eating raw plant foods, you should always remember that when myocardial damage, patients do not tolerate fasting: the latter can cause a decrease in cardiac activity

With edema and with the so-called "dry edema" in the first days after the appointment of raw plant foods, a large amount of sodium chloride is excreted in the urine in patients, thirst disappears and immediately, and sometimes diuresis appears

This diuretic effect of the regimen is also noted in those cases when cardiac products and mercury preparations did not give a sufficient effect; less demonstrative is the effectiveness of raw plant foods in mitral stenosis without edema

With edema due to cardiac decompensation, the days on which the diet was composed of dried apricots turned out to be very effective (work of the pharmacodynamic laboratory of the clinic)

With diseases of the nervous system, especially with functional neuroses, with hyperthyroidism, with migraines of uncertain etiological nature, with neurasthenia of a psychogenic nature (psychogenic effect), with epilepsy

With diseases of the nervous system, especially with functional neuroses, with hyperthyroidism, with migraines of uncertain etiological nature, with neurasthenia of a psychogenic nature (psychogenic effect), with epilepsy, eating raw plant foods has a beneficial effect, since the food is poor in sodium chloride; beneficial effect of such a regimen and with some allergic diseases; in the latter case, the regimen from raw plant foods is prescribed as a trial

The most difficult thing here is the selection of the assortment of herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries that the patient would tolerate well

With functional neuroses accompanied by exhaustion and a simultaneous loss of appetite, a regimen of raw plant foods (certainly varied), prescribed for a short period, according to our observations, often acts very beneficially

It must be assumed that the violent (without appetite) administration of a large amount of food in such neurotics worsens the appetite even more, and sometimes causes a direct aversion to food, and a temporary semi-starvation regimen from raw plant foods from it; special taste and substances specifically acting on metabolism, increases appetite and improves the well-being of the patient

However, with these sufferings, such regimes should not be prescribed for a long time.

With liver diseases

For liver diseases, along with hungry days, we have long been using fruit and berry days with plenty of fluids.

Grape treatment courses also have a good effect, and we cannot agree with those authors who consider the treatment of grapes with liver diseases to be contraindicated. Our long-term observations show that it is grape sugar (which is found in large quantities in sweet grape varieties) that is very beneficial for most diseases biliary tract and liver

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