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Exercises for building powerful triceps

Упражнения для трицепсов

The triceps are a triceps muscle that works in opposition to the biceps. Passes from the outside from under the deltoid muscle to connect with the ulnar ligaments. Due to the long head of the triceps, the arm moves back and brings the arm to the body. All muscle is involved in the extension of the forearm.

When someone says, “Wow, look how big his hands are!” , You can be sure that this effect is created by triceps .

Triceps anatomy

Exercises for triceps

Triceps are more massive than biceps, and need to be trained at very different angles. Like biceps, triceps should look good from any perspective. But unlike biceps, triceps are necessary to make your hands look massive and impressive even in a relaxed state.

As you can see in the picture above, the triceps consists of three heads, which form the so-called triceps horseshoe. In the literature and articles on bodybuilding and fitness, exercises are often described that are aimed at one of the triceps heads so that you can only train it selectively. In fact, almost all triceps exercises involve all three of his heads, and the mass fraction of a head is determined by the athlete's genetic data.

Any triceps training should include such exercises, which will load all three bundles to a roughly equal degree. Only in this way the triceps will receive a full load and good stimulation to grow.

In order for a triceps workout to be truly effective, you need to determine which of the triceps bundles is specifically lagging (this is often the lateral bundle) in order to load it in full.

Bench press narrow grip

Жим лежа узким хватом - Упражнения для трицепсов

The barbell bench press with a narrow grip works well on the middle of the pectoral muscles and the long head of the triceps, and by changing the angle of the bench you can change the load on different areas of these muscles. It is possible to carry out a press lying with a narrow grip with a free weight, and also in Smith's car.

Working in Smith’s machine in this case is even more preferable, since the exercise does not belong to the “mass set” category and, accordingly, does not require the inclusion of a multitude of stabilizer muscles, which, when working in Smith, “net” in all variants of the pectoral and deltoid presses. This happens because of the well-established trajectory of movement, which is provided by the biomechanical nuances of the simulator design.


  • Take a prone position on the bench in the bench press bench. The back of the head, back and buttocks are tightly pressed against the surface of the bench.
  • Grasp the fingerboard with a straight grip (palms away); the distance between the hands should be less than the width of the shoulders. Remove the bar from the racks and squeeze it into straight arms. The neck should be above your neck.
  • Then, with a powerful effort, squeeze the weight up in a straight line, ending the repetition just above the touch point. Moving the projectile along the vertical line will reduce the load on the pectoral and deltoid muscles.

French bench press

Французский жим лёжа - Упражнения для трицепсов

The massiveness of your hands depends on this exercise, provided that the technique will be flawless. If the neck of the bar goes down to the forehead, then the medial and lateral heads of the triceps are more involved, if the bar goes down behind the head, then the long head of the triceps is mainly involved.


  • Lay on a horizontal bench so that your head peeks over the edge a little. This is done so that the bar can be easily pulled back, bending the arms at the elbows. And the head in this position will not prevent it.
  • Straighten your arms up, perpendicular to the floor, and ask your partner to give you a barbell. It is advisable to use a bar with an EZ-neck, but if you do not have one, then you can do the exercise with a traditional bar with a straight neck.
  • Fully straighten arms with a barbell and tilt them back 45 degrees from the vertical - this is the starting position. Holding the upper part of the arms still, gently lower the bar to the head. While driving, try to keep your elbows closer to each other. Breeding elbows is a wrong execution.

Slowly inhale when flexing the shoulder joint, exhale sharply with extension. The bending stage in time must be several times longer than the extension phase. Completely exclude all possible options for cheating.

Arm extension with a barbell

Разгибание рук со штангой из-за головы - Упражнения для трицепсов

The vertical position of the hands contributes to the greatest reduction of the long head of the triceps, allowing you to maximize its inclusion in the work. The supination due to the curved neck helps to better distribute the load between the three heads of the triceps.


  • Sit on an incline bench and ask your partner to give you a shell in your arms extended above your head. If there is no partner, take the barbell off the floor and lift it to your chest by yourself. Sit on the bench, lift the weight above your head, and fully extend the arms in your elbows.
  • Inhale, bend your arms in elbows, lowering the neck to the head. At the end of the movement, returning to the starting position, exhale.

For safety reasons, do not arch the waist too much. Movement must be strictly from the elbow. To increase the load on the triceps, linger at the bottom for a second and slowly lift the weight to the starting position.

Extending hands with a dumbbell from behind the head

Разгибание рук с гантелью из-за головы - Упражнения для трицепсов

The extension of the arm with the dumbbell allows you to work precisely on the triceps that are lagging behind in development for the proportionality of the arms. In addition, the implementation of this exercise perfectly works the upper part of each of the three heads of the triceps, which leads to a thickening of the top and middle of the triceps muscle. Often hand extensions are performed in order to separate (separate) all three heads of the triceps from each other and separate them from the deltoids.


  • Sit on the bench and place your feet firmly on the floor. It is better to do this exercise on the “Scott” bench, resting your back on an adjustable platform, to reduce the load on the lower back, adjust it in height just above the bottom of the back. Take the dumbbell in your right hand and straighten your back.
  • Straighten your arm with dumbbells straight up. Bend the arm in the elbow and put the dumbbell behind the head.
  • Take a deep breath and hold your breath. While fixing the top of the arm in a fixed position, stretch the triceps and, straightening the arm, lift the dumbbell. Movement occurs only in the elbow joint, all other parts of the body are fixed.

In the course of this exercise, it is very important to keep the shoulder part of the arm motionless, only the forearm moves.

Do not tilt the torso forward or backward, otherwise you can simply lose your balance and fall off the bench. In addition, rounding the back gives unnecessary strain on the cartilage discs of the spine. Do not bend or unbend the wrist, avoid movements in the shoulder joint.

Extending arms with dumbbells lying

Разгибание рук с гантелями лежа - Упражнения для трицепсов

This exercise allows you to control the work of the triceps and evenly distributes the load on all three heads of the triceps, giving them a distinct, relief shape.


  • Lie on the bench and press your feet against the floor. The pelvis, shoulders and head are pressed to the bench. The back is straight. Do not bend your back in the lower back.
  • Take the dumbbells in both hands and lift them above the chest. Hands strictly straight up. The palms are looking at each other.
  • Take a deep breath and, holding the breath and fixing the top of the arms (from elbow to shoulder) in a stationary position, stretch the triceps and lower the dumbbells, bending the arms at the elbows. At the end of the movement, returning to the starting position, exhale.

Choose weight for this exercise very carefully. Excessive weight plus unstable form will lead to elbow injury. In addition, if you already have problems with the elbow joint, then this exercise will give him too much load, so you should look for a replacement, for example, press with a narrow grip.

Extending the arms on the upper block while standing

Разгибание рук на верхнем блоке стоя - Упражнения для трицепсов

This exercise involves all triceps bundles, but to a greater extent - the lateral (external lateral) bundle. The main purpose of its use in bodybuilding is to give relief and precise detailing of the contours of the triceps muscle, the visual separation of its bundles among themselves.

An exercise does not need to be considered as strictly isolated, it is possible and necessary to work with large weights, both in strict technique and with the use of certain cheating.


  • Stand straight. Grasp the handle of the upper unit, lean slightly toward the simulator. Shoulders should be relaxed, elbows pressed to the body.
  • Slowly lower the handle along the arc path to the hips until the arms are fully extended.
  • Bend your arm as far as possible and straighten it as far as possible. The elbow is motionless during this movement.

The main mistake - the movement of the elbow. With such work, the back is turned on and the triceps does not receive the proper load.

Arm extension with a dumbbell in the slope

Разгибание руки с гантелью в наклоне - Упражнения для трицепсов

Arm extension with a dumbbell in the slope is usually used in bodybuilding to achieve symmetry in the development of the triceps. In this exercise, the angle of impact on the triceps is significantly different from other exercises, such extension of the arm is a very powerful tool that greatly accelerates the growth of the triceps muscle. When you keep your arm straightened, a strong static load is placed on the triceps, at this point even the deepest muscle fibers are included in the work, which is necessary for good detail and separation of the triceps.


  • Become sideways to the bench, bend down and rest on it with your left palm and left knee. Leave your right leg a little back so that the torso takes a horizontal position. The supporting arm is straight and perpendicular to the bench. As an option, some people prefer not to rest their knees on the bench and just put their legs “apart from each other” (the left foot is set forward a step ahead of the right foot).
  • Bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle and press it to your body. Straighten your arm.

You should avoid common mistakes:

  1. First, the torso must remain fully extended. The position in which the shoulders are above the pelvis leads to a reduction in the amplitude of movement, which reduces the effectiveness of the entire exercise.
  2. Secondly, the elbow should not rise above the back, for the same reason.
  3. Thirdly, any torso movements not only reduce the load on the triceps, but can lead to a curvature of the spine.

Some bodybuilders do this exercise with both hands at the same time. This option is very effective, but it requires very large physical strength, because you do not have external support, and the stability of the body is provided solely by the muscles of the hips and lower back. In addition, it will be very difficult for you to completely straighten your arms, that is, the movement can “loosen up” to full amplitude.

Push-ups on the bars

Отжимания на брусьях - Упражнения для трицепсов

Push-ups on the uneven bars is an excellent basic exercise that involves all three heads (long, lateral and medial) of the triceps. Technically, push-ups on the uneven bars are one of the best exercises in terms of overall fitness, which maximizes muscle coordination mechanisms.

Push-ups with a fully vertical body are technically difficult, since for our body, movement with a slight inclination forward is more natural. Therefore, increased attention will be required to the technique of their work. Push-ups are performed slowly, so that the negative phase exceeds the positive one.


  • Go to the bars, jump on them and hold your body above the posts in the position of outstretched arms, cross your legs and bend them slightly at the knees, look forward.
  • While inhaling, we slowly go down, gradually increasing the amplitude with each repetition (try to keep the body level and not tilt forward, so as not to include the chest muscles in the work).

You can wring out on the bars with the additional burden, fastened to the athletic belt with a simple metal hook. Burdens can reduce the number of repetitions in order to create maximum growth stimulating effect on the muscles. Pick a weight burden so that you can perform 8-10 repetitions. However, be careful, especially when exiting from the bottom position. In a few weeks you will start progressing rather quickly.

Push ups with narrow grip

Отжимания от пола узким хватом - Упражнения для трицепсов

Pushups are a basic, multi-joint exercise performed on the floor. The main muscles involved are the pectoral and triceps. The front beams of deltas, forearms, small muscles of the hand, muscles of the lower back, abs and quadriceps are indirectly loaded.

The triceps (especially its long head) is powerfully stimulated by push-ups with a narrow emphasis. The outer head of the triceps originates on the back of the humerus, but does not cross the shoulder joint. The inner head of the triceps begins in the middle of the humerus and is mostly covered by the other two heads, part of which can be seen directly above the elbow. The long head of the triceps begins at the shoulder bone below the shoulder joint and, on the way down, merging with other heads, crosses the elbow joint, attaching itself to the ulna of the forearm. The long head receives the greatest load, because it simultaneously extends both the shoulder joint and the elbow joint. The outer and inner triceps heads help in unbending the elbow joint.


  • We accept the position of the support lying, the feet of the feet are located very close to each other. To increase the load on the triceps, legs can be put on an elevation - a chair, chair or bed.
  • Place your palms close, so that the index fingers and thumbs form the outline of the heart. The remaining fingers can be placed, it will only give greater stability.
  • Inhale, lower yourself down, bending your elbows. Continue to move until the chest almost touches the floor.
  • Straining triceps and abdominals, as you exhale, return to the starting position, straightening your arms.
  • After a short pause, repeat the movement, performing the required number of repetitions.

This universal exercise fits any category of people and almost any age. Very often, newcomers who do not know how to do any exercises started precisely with push-ups from the floor, gradually achieving inconceivable results.

Push ups from the bench

Отжимания от скамьи - Упражнения для трицепсов

To do this exercise, you will need a bench and a wall panel, or a second bench / chair - in general, any object on which you can put heels. The exercise involves all three heads of the triceps and is aimed primarily at increasing their mass. It is believed that the largest part of the load falls on the middle part of the triceps. Refers to the basic triceps exercises.


  • Sit on the bench as shown. The arms are wider than the shoulder line. Feet position on the support. This will be your starting position.
  • Slowly lower the body down until the arms are bent in elbows by 90 °. When performing an exercise, your forearms should always be pointing down.
  • With the help of the triceps, slowly lift the body up to its original position.

Wring out, do not spread your elbows to the sides, they must move strictly in the vertical plane. Otherwise, part of the load is taken away by the pectoral muscles and the broadest. And when working with a large weight, you also put your shoulder joints at risk.

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